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The modern kitchen is equipped with a variety of electric appliances meant to make our daily lives easier by removing a lot of the effort involved in preparing certain kinds of foods. There are appliances that help us heat up our food without hassle, machines that slice and dice ingredients far better and faster than we can and many others. However, using these relatively large scale machines in order to create just one serving seems to be overkill.

In the world of blenders there is a middle-of-the-road choice and that is a hand blender, ideal for tackling those small scale jobs for which using a normal-sized blender might seem excessive. The advent of the cordless hand blender is something apart from all other appliances because it allows room for mobility, flexibility and of course the ability of using it directly in the soup pot if that’s what the occasion calls for.

Some of you may be thinking that you don’t really need an extra appliance in the kitchen because you already have your traditional blender which still works as fine as ever. That is absolutely true; however, if you’ve ever wanted or needed to blend or puree something hot you had to go through a relatively dangerous process of moving the hot matter into the blender and after it was done you had to move it again to continue the cooking process.

This type of “operation” is dangerous and can surely cause one or more burns and spills over time. This is where the differences between the traditional blender and a hand blender appear; while in the traditional blender you have to place all the ingredients in it, with a hand blender you basically take the fight to the enemy and introduce the blades to the ingredients.

With a hand blender, that sort of problem is a thing of the past because you can use it to puree the hot matter while it is on the stove and you get a similar result without the problems of spillage and extra dishes to wash. Once you’re done, the hand blender only needs to be rinsed under a jet of warm water and that’s that. Especially when you need one or maybe two portions of whatever you are cooking, the hand blender becomes the obviously less time consuming option from all points of view. Many other benefits will be noticed over time and you will certainly appreciate the mobility offered by this type of blender.

Like it was said earlier, such a blender can also be used for small scale activities that would otherwise require using your regular blender which will only cause time management problems. Things like mayonnaise and especially sauces that require flour in their recipe can now be maneuvered with ease. The flour can sometimes clump up when done manually, but with the help of a hand blender a lumpy sauce is a thing of the past.

But that’s not all that a hand blender can be used for; normally it will come with several attachments which will turn it into a veritable multi-tool allowing it to be used for other purposes such as mixing spices, slicing and dicing up onions and other vegetables or little bits of cheese. It doesn’t stop there; the hand blender makes a great party accessory for a pool party in the summertime, where it can be used by your guests, who can now make themselves personalized smoothies. Getting a cordless hand blender can definitely represent a great boon to the average household exactly because it can create small portions of whatever type of food or beverage you want.

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  1. Blender says:

    Hand blenders are so much better for when you want to blend hot liquids – I always hated having to decant stuff as I always ended up making a mess and often spilling hot soup or whatever on myself. Its great to just be able to blend it all up in the pan.

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