Hair Dryer

An electric hair dryer is considered an essential tool for all women today. In fact a lot of men use hairdryers today too. You will find a hair dryer in almost every household in America. Many hotels have hair dryers in their rooms for their guests to use as well. Using a hair dryer makes styling your hair a lot easier and can save you a lot of time. Gone are the old days when women had to roll their hair in curlers and sleep on them overnight while their hair dried. You can wash your hair and blow dry it and be out of the house in less than an hour nowadays. The hair dryer is a small handheld device that blows out hot air to dry it in a matter of minutes. You can use a styling brush with it to style your hair while it is drying the hair. Of course the shorter your hair is the least amount of time it will take to style and dry. You can change even women with long hair can drive their hair and style it in a matter of minutes now.

When you are looking for a hair dryer to purchase there are a few things you should keep in mind. The best hairdryers are the ones that generate large numbers of negative ions. There are actually three types of hairdryers that produces the negative ions. These are the ionic hairdryers, ceramic hairdryers and the tourmaline coated hairdryers. The tourmaline hairdryers are the most expensive. The packaging will tell you what type of hair dryer it is. Negative ions make it able to keep your hair from being dehydrated from the hot air that is being blown out from the hair dryer. This keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy instead of dull and frizzy.

You should also keep in mind what wattage the hair dryer is rated at. The motor will be more powerful if the wattage is higher. You can dry your hair a lot faster the higher the wattage is. A professional hair dryer uses approximately 1800 Watts. You will get the best results from a hair dryer that has at least 1800 watts. You can find professional hairdryers for sale on the market today in some beauty salon stores. You can also find them available on many websites online.

A good hair dryer will also have a number of heat settings and speeds that you can use. You will need to have at least two settings for the speed and two settings for the heat. The better hairdryers have 4 to 6 settings for heat and speed. Look for one that has an easy on and off button. You can also look for hairdryers that have cool shot buttons on them too. The cool shot button will lock the hair in place after it is styled. A good quality hair dryer will also have a concentrator nozzle and will be lightweight. You should also keep in mind the warranty. You can find many professional hairdryers that have at least a two year warranty

One thing you should never do is to buy a hair dryer the does not have attachments. You will need the attachments so that you can concentrate the direction of the hot air being blown. Women who have curly hair will find that diffuser attachment to be an essential item to have when a blow dry your hair. This allows the hair to remain curly while being blown dry and eliminates the creation of frizz curls. If you have curly hair you will be totally unsatisfied with the outcome if you’re trying to blow dry your hair without the diffuser attachment.

If you choose to buy the cheaper model hair dryers you may also find the results of blow drying your hair less satisfactory. Hair can even be damaged by the cheaper hairdryers. This is because they tend to scorch the hair. The best option is to go with the higher priced models if they are in your budget.

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