Haier Refrigerator

Haier Refrigerators are a range of top class, high value, globally acclaimed line of refrigerators manufactured by one of the most prominently upcoming global brands – Haier. Haier has rapidly become a household name around the world for producing good quality electronic commodities and wrapping with an extremely attractive pricing on its products – a trait which they have been able to achieve by using a global strategy of one brand name. Haier’s products range from all home and outer appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, home theatre systems, integrated furniture, DVD players etc. out of which about 9 ranks as top market leaders in mainland China and another 3 being globally ranked amongst the top three products within their individual industries.

Haier has also established itself as a leading player within technology domains of networked home appliances, intelligent home furniture, large scale ICs and digitalization. Haier first took its international opportunities further in developed markets such as USA where its products were subjected to competition and better consumer standards ands safety. It was able to expand internationally in such markets as Haier particularly focused on niche products by offering a variety of versions for different market segments and appliances, out of many being refrigerators.

Haier has established itself as a dominant market rival when it comes to refrigerators as it had advantages in terms of operating both in a very large scale and rapidly growing home-base, eventually contributing to its hasty growth. Since their foundation, Haier has had that opportunity to be a dominant player in the global appliance industry as it focused more on better production quality and fulfilling customer requirements combined with a strategy to ensure international expansion. Research and development aren’t far behind either when it comes to Haier strategies of expansion as proof of innovation capacities hold ground in the form of Haier being able to obtain, 589 software intellectual-property rights, applications for safer water-heater technology, 6,189 patented technology certifications and even top-notch technology – all which clearly exhibits Haier’s world-class innovative capabilities in product R&D.

Haier history goes way back and first comes around in China. In the decade of 1920, the first refrigerator manufacturing works was put up in Qingdao in order to penetrate the Chinese market. However the company did not perform successfully and went to debt by the 1980s and suffered from decrepit infrastructure, lack of quality controls and reduced management which resulted from the strategic economic system and pertinent policies. When the company was almost going bankrupt, government handed it over to Zhang Ruimin who was appointed the factory’s managing director in 1984. He named the company to Qingdao Refrigerator Co and during that time in China, foreign coporations floated in search of partnerships and a German Liebherr Group formed a joint-venture along with Qingdao Refrigerator Co. promising share equipment and technology to its Chinese correspondent. Liebherr not only installed the technology and equipment but also promised a thorough commitment to the quality and soon after the People’s Republic of China formed in 1949, Haier was acquired and turned into a government enterprise. After years of progress and diversification of its products beyond refrigerators, the company attained the name “Haier” in 1991 which was further simplified in 1992 to Haier Group, which to date remains the company’s current name. Thus this appliance company set out to establish itself within its country and an international leading brand, focusing upon consistency and product quality.

Haier’s refrigerator line chooses to focus on niche appliance markets and their line now has six different refrigerator specialties such as compact refrigerators, dorm refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, even specialized keg refrigerators.

Top freezers include 6 different models produced by Haier. Two of them are Energy Star rated and come in color choices of black, white, or stainless.

20.6 cu. ft. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with Icemaker – RBFS21SIA is a perfect choice as it has great capacity, accessibility options and one year parts and labor warranty.

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