Guitar Amplifier

A guitar amplifier utilizes audio signal provided by a guitar and amplifies that audio. The increased amount of sound is accomplished with a minimal amount of distortion. A guitar amplifier is responsible for changing the audio signal; however most of these devices will also have a speaker which is responsible for playing the amplified audio.

There are many different types of guitar amplifiers available besides a basic amplifier. Some examples of alternative types of guitar amplifiers include digital amplifiers and tube amplifiers. The sound quality, maximum volume, amount of distortion, and more will vary depending on the type of guitar amplifier you use.

History of Guitar Amplifiers
The first inventions of guitar amplifiers received power via vacuum tubes. This is similar to the powering methods which were used for many electronics which existed between 1940 and 1960. Eventually the vacuum tube technology was changed and guitar amplifiers used transistors instead. However, many people would prefer the sound quality of tube vacuum guitar amplifiers even after further advancements of the transistor technology. This is the reason for there being such a popular market for vintage guitar amplifiers. It is also the reason for so many reproductions of old-styled guitar amplifiers being introduced.

Nowadays you only have a few options when choosing guitar amplifiers. The new models of guitar amplifiers are mostly low quality but a more expensive amplifier could exceed your expectations. The most wanted types of guitar amplifiers are the vintage and reproduction models. As there is such a high demand and low quantity of these the cost of them is also pretty high. These amplifiers are also often difficult to find parts for and to repair. However, the sound quality of these guitar amplifiers makes it worth the investment for most people.

Buying a Guitar Amplifier
The type of guitar amplifier you purchase will be varied on a few factors such as your budget and the type of guitar you use. For instance, if you use an electric guitar then you may want a durable and dependable amplifier, as well as a preamp. A great choice for this would be a solid state or transistor model. They tend to take a lot more damage to stop working properly and repairing them is not very difficult or costly.

There are many things to look for in a guitar amplifier. You will want to figure out how well it will work with your guitar. A few important factors here will be the loudness of the amplifier, the flexibility of the amplifier, and the portability of the amplifier. If you are purchasing a guitar amplifier at a store in person then you will want to bring your guitar to the store to test it out. This will allow you to get a feel on whether you like that particular amplifier or not.

Testing a Guitar Amplifier
Testing the amplifier is an important part of choosing which one to purchase. There are many things to listen for while testing a guitar amplifier. You want a clear and crisp sound, basically a clean amplification. You want to make sure the sound is perfectly balanced (bass and treble). You also want to make sure there are additional sound effect features such as delay and echo.

When buying a guitar amplifier you will also want to make sure that it is versatile and portable so it can be used for practicing alone, with friends, and even in concert halls. Make sure you choose a guitar amplifier which will suit all your needs as some will not be heavy duty enough for frequent use.

When buying a guitar amplifier you will need to decide whether you want a vintage, reproduction, or new model. The older styles which incorporate the vacuum tube technology have received the most positive feedback. There are still some newer amplifiers which use transistors that have received extensive positive feedback.

You should read some reviews from people that have used the specific model of guitar amplifier ahead of time so you have an idea on how well it works. Also, testing the amplifier in the store with your guitar is one of the best ways to determine if a specific amplifier is right for you.

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