Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper has specialized in rotary riding mowers since the company first began many years ago. A Grasshopper mower is built for durability, convenience and utility. For more than forty years, Grasshopper has been providing lawnmowers to consumers after carefully performed market research designed to provide the company with information about consumer preferences and specific needs. This allows them to produce lawnmowers that meet the specific needs of each consumer. All Grasshopper mowers are created by manufacturing specialists and each mower is created from the highest quality of materials possible and with the highest level of quality craftsmanship.

Grasshopper mowers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and models. The Grasshopper Front Mount can be found in the 600, 700 and the 900 Series’ and offers high quality design along with versatility, functionality and the highest degree of durability. The Grasshopper Front Mount provides a more compact design which is the perfect choice for those with smaller lawns or yards that have trees, shrubbery or other obstacles that require edging.

Grasshopper MidMount models are available in the 100, 200, 300 and the 400 Series’ and are very affordable and offer an upgrade from the Front Mount models. This model is an excellent choice for those with larger lawns who do regular maintenance. Performance on this model is upgraded from the Front Mount model and provides much more durability.

Grasshopper mowers are designed for consumer comfort. Each mower is equipped with a spring suspension seat as well as Hydra-Smooth control levers which make maneuvering the mowers much easier and more comfortable. The Hydra-Smoother control lever allows the consumer to operate the mower with only one hand. Since 1970, Grasshopper mowers have been allowing consumers to more easily mow and maintain their lawns with a “zero turn” technology that is not found on all consumer lawn mowers today. This technology allows you to easily and quickly turn the mower even in areas that have little room for turning. Many Grasshopper mower models also include a PowerVac collection system that allows you to give your lawn a more professionally landscaped finish.

Grasshopper also offers financing for many of their lawnmower models, making it much easier to afford one of these mowers. Financing is currently offered in the United States as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Grasshopper mowers provide precision handling that allows you to mow and trim at the same time. This saves both time and money and leaves your lawn with a professionally manicured finish.

Grasshopper lawn mowers can be purchased at a number of retailers around the world as well as directly through the official Grasshopper website. When choosing your model, be certain to take into consideration the size of your lawn and any landscaping that you currently have such as trees and shrubbery. This will help you to choose the best Grasshopper mower for your specific needs. Grasshopper mowers are built for durability. Though a bit more expensive than a store model, these mowers typically last for several years so the extra cost is well worth it for many consumers considering the maintenance costs and replacement costs are much less.

It is recommended that you only use OEM products for your Grasshopper mower. Of course, this is true of any major lawn mower brand. Grasshopper parts and accessories can also be purchased on the official website as well as many lawn and garden shops and specialty lawnmower shops. The actual cost of a Grasshopper mower will depend on many factors including where you purchase and the specific size and model that you need. In order to make your Grasshopper mower last for several years, it is recommended that you have it serviced regularly, depending on how often you mow your lawn.

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