GPS Running Watches

Because of present technology and the way it is advancing, the world is becoming a much smaller place, as well as all the devices that are in it. Technology has brought us GPS Running Watches which are built for the purpose of making outdoor events thrilling; all the while keeping it safe. Do not let the looks of this watch deceive you. On the outside it may look like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill watch but the watch is full of useful features.

The acronym GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is a grid comprising of a total of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth. Through interaction between the satellites, it is possible to locate a GPS device anywhere in the world, with near-complete precision.

Such technology allows various useful benefits for the user, especially for people who love the outdoors. With GPS watches, hiking is made much safer for those who would like to venture off the regular trail. Watches have the ability to register you previous location, also known as the Breadcrumb feature, which will allow you to safely return to your usual trail or your camping grounds.

Not simply getting you back to where you came from, such watches also have the ability to show a pathway to your destination, whether you are in between the hustle and bustle of the city or enjoying the sounds of nature in the woods. This really helps if you can’t find a decent map to where you are headed. Superior sports watches can also be expanded to show a detailed map of your area. You can also use your computer to download maps and copy them onto your watch using a USB port.

Although locational features are wonderful, the primary benefits of GPS watches are for athletes. All GPS sports watches have the ability to evaluate your speed, distance travelled in your run, and in numerous watches it can also monitor your heart rate as well as the amount of calories you have burned. High grade watches, such as the Forerunner 305, can do even more than that. For those who face health difficulties, such a watch can really save your life. Doctors that suggest heart-rate monitoring as a form of exercise will love to have this watch. These devices have the ability to alert you whether you are going to fast or too slow, so that you can stay within the optimum heart rate range.

All the benefits mentioned above depend on which watch you choose. Numerous models have bonuses such as built-in training exercises. You can set up a workout routine on your computer and synchronize it with your watch so that you can monitor your development on your computer. Make sure to read the details before you buy one so that you know you are getting what you want.

The top three GPS running watches that you can find in the market are:

  • Garmin Forerunner 305, which also has built in heart rate monitoring capability.
  • Garmin Forerunner 405CX, which has can wirelessly send data back and forth your computer.
  • Garmin Forerunner 310 XT, which can also monitor your swim-laps with complete accuracy.

Whether you are an athlete looking for something to help you improve your run-time and your performance, a hiker who needs to know where he needs to go and where he is going, or if you are simply someone who wants a cool looking watch for your wrist, GPS Running watches can always provide something for everybody. The portability factor alone makes this product a winner, but with other valuable features – GPS Running watches can indeed be a necessity for certain individuals.

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