GPS Re-radiator

GPS re-radiators are devices which operate by obtaining signals from GPS satellite, using an antenna located outdoors, and re-transmitting them to a closed indoor environment. The re-radiating equipment consists of GPS antennas of high sensitivity, signal amplifying units and a GPS receiver to accept the incoming amplified signals. Thus a reradiator functions to channel signals from an area within the network to a space outside the coverage area, without distorting them, and hence allows the receiver to detect the position of the incoming signals. The use of such radio apparatus is governed by strict rules and regulations; therefore, a customer should have a clear concept of the legal issues and cross-check whether a particular product complies with the rules set by the regulatory body.

The reradiators are easy to install and plug-and-play hardware. The external antenna should be aligned horizontally and placed at a central location on a building’s roof from where it will have a maximum amount of exposure to the signal. The re-radiator is to be placed on the ceiling of the room, at an adequate distance apart from the external antenna to avoid interference, properly aligned to the receiver placed on the testing bench and connected to the external antenna with the cable from the re-radiator kit. Finally, a DC adapter of 9V should be plugged into the main and the device is ready to begin its operation.

Apart from its uses in a building, GPS re-radiator can be used in Tanks, ACPs and other vehicles and aircrafts thus allowing maintaining and relay precise coordinates in law enforcements, covert operations and law enforcement, minimizing risks by keeping the position of the personnel undisclosed. For vehicle navigation, dispatching and following law enforcement agencies will find GPS re-radiators to be a handy tool. A GPS re-radiator is equally useful in GPS laboratory, GPS production line, GPS repair service, and GPS retail stores and underground garages.

It can be used in military and law enforcement vehicles, assigned for emergency response, to improve the response time in case of an emergency with the help of the navigation system. Wireless re-radiators save the hassle of disconnecting cables when moving out of a vehicle, accommodate for several devices to be connected to a single GPS re-radiator and also allow the option of a temporary car installation.

The following section depicts some popular models:
RK 304: Comes from the manufacturer San Jose Navigation with a wide reradiating radius of 30 meter, RK 104 is the upgraded version of RK 104. Equipped with highly sensitive dual external antennas and an amplifier circuit of accurate calibration, RK 304 has a built-in power supply too which further enhances its operation. The helix type antenna system can accommodate for multiple receivers to work simultaneously while its main antenna is installed at an outdoor location. The RK 304 is featured with Quality Signal Reception, efficiency, power saving attributes, easy Installation and highly integrated Mechanism.

CGRA-45: It is re-radiator from Carcomm which allows the collection of carrier signals with a hand-held GPS Receiver inside building and automobiles. The total package includes a waterproof High Gain 33db, re-radiating antenna, a 12V cigarette plug for car use and CGMA-03 Carcomm GPS Antenna. Its features are low noise amplifier, low power consumption, specially built for using in automobiles and the ease of setup.

AMP 10S: A re-radiating device from Star Navigation Tech Ltd, AMP 10S contains all the contents necessary to make it a classy re-radiating equipment available in the market today. The features include Plug and play compatibility, wide ranges of input, and compatibility with any vehicle along with a high degree of user friendliness.

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