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Google phone is a term used to describe any mobile smartphone that uses Google’s Android operating system. They are also called GPhones for short, because of their similarity to Apple’s popular iPhone. These phones have many similar features including touch screen interactivity, web browsing, and the ability to download music and applications. The iPhone is currently well ahead in terms of popularity and number of handsets sold, but that may change as more Google phone models are released.

Google is the company behind the world’s most popular internet search engine. It has more visitors than any other website and is so popular that two out of every three searches are made using it. They are also responsible for many other popular websites including Google Maps, Blogger, and Gmail. Google’s main source of revenue is advertising shown on websites, which they hope to increase with the Google phone.

Smartphones have been around for many years and have always been a popular choice for business users. They were previously too expensive for the average phone user but prices have fallen to the point where smartphones are now the fastest growing market. They have advanced features not found on other mobiles phones including accelerometers and GPS receivers. Some smartphones have keyboards which make writing text messages much easier, unlike other mobile phones where the user has to press a button multiple times to create a single character.

The Android operating system is the heart of any Google phone. It provides a common user interface for phones made by different manufacturers. This allows anyone who is familiar with one Google phone to switch to another without having to spend much time learning how to use it. The Android operating system is open source, allowing any developer to inspect the code and write applications for it. Applications are small programs that either provide features not found in the operating system or they improve on existing features. They allow people to customize their phones to do exactly what they want.

The first Google phone to launch was the HTC Dream in late 2008. It is also known as the T-Mobile G1 in the United States and Europe. It features a large screen that slides out to reveal a keyboard underneath. The touch-sensitive screen is operated by finger touch instead of a stylus. A trackball is also included for those who prefer not to use the touch screen. The built-in accelerometer detects movement of the phone and changes the orientation of the screen to suit its position. The HTC Dream also has a GPS receiver, auto-focusing camera, and a microSD memory card slot.

Amazon MP3 is the digital music store run by the same company who made it popular to buy books on the internet. It is intended to compete with Apple’s hugely popular iTunes music store. There are over five million songs available without digital rights management, allowing them to be easily copied from a phone to a computer or MP3 player. Prices range from a few cents up to ten dollars, with an average price of five dollars for an album. A specially modified version of the store appeared on the first Google phone.

The Android Market is Google’s version of Apple’s successful App Store. It provides a range of free and commercial applications, with many costing as little as one dollar. Once an application has been selected and paid for, it is automatically downloaded and installed on the phone. There are currently over thirty thousand applications available on App Store, far more than are available on Android Market. However, this number will quickly increase as the Google phone gains more acceptance with developers.

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