Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors are a good investment if you’re tired of wiping the floor in tour bathroom after having a shower, since they will efficiently seal off the shower area from potential drippings. They will help preserve the fixtures in your bathroom, and they can also work together with the decoration in your bathroom, to great effect. Additionally, having glass shower doors can provide for a gratifying shower experience, since the closed shower area will promote the gathering of steam… which in turn will make a hot shower even more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for glass shower doors specifically, you’re probably interested in their aesthetic appeal as well. Truth of the matter is that glass shower doors are also quite elegant, and they will enhance the decoration in any bathroom. Whether you’re renovating your existing bathroom or creating a new bathroom design, you will probably be most satisfied using glass shower doors, both in terms of form and function. Make sure to read through this article to make sure you choose the right glass shower doors for your bathroom space.

Available types of glass shower doors
Generally speaking, there are two main types of glass shower doors available: framed glass doors and frameless glass doors. The difference between both types of doors is pretty self-explanatory, with frameless doors being remarkably sleek and elegant, as well as being considerably easier to keep sparkling clean and germ-free. Since frameless doors don’t have any crevices in which dirt can build up, they will look better for much longer, and as a matter of fact they will be likely to last longer than framed glass shower doors. Frameless doors are usually a bit more expensive, but on the long run (and considering how they can be more durable) they might turn out to be a better investment.

Framed glass shower doors may rely on a sliding mechanism to open and close, but frameless doors are always supported by hinges. Unlike framed doors, the frameless variant relies on hinges and handles which are directly mounted in the glass – this is very important, since it makes these doors considerably sturdier and longer lasting, as well as making them look quite elegant and appealing. Simply put, frameless glass shower doors are a huge glass enclosing your bathtub; this will usually make for a rather appealing and beautiful fixture that will complement and enhance your bathroom decoration, as well as providing a clear view of every little detail down to the specialty tiles you may have installed.

Things you should know about glass shower doors
Many people think glass shower doors are quite beautiful, and this type of enclosure is getting increasingly popular these days. However, there are also some people who avoid getting this type of frameless shower door because they don’t feel it’s too safe, since disaster might ensue if the glass were to break. As a matter of fact, that is actually a big misconception, since despite being mostly made of glass they have a high resistance to damage and they won’t easily break even if you try doing so.

In fact, the vast majority of glass shower doors are made of tempered glass – meaning that besides being highly resistant, they will never shatter. If you actually managed to break the glass, it would promptly separate in millions of tiny round pieces, most of which would stick together rather than spreading all over your bathroom. Additionally, glass shower doors are much thicker than a regular glass door… which also means that besides looking rather luscious they are considerably more difficult to break by accident. As such, you should always make sure that any glass shower doors you choose are indeed made of tempered glass.

Unique advantages of using glass shower doors
There are several other advantages to glass shower doors, both from a stylistic and functional standpoint. For example, you can get glass shower doors which are specifically designed to meet your decorative vision and provide a unique look. For example, you can conceive a round or curved shower area, or devise all types of irregular shapes for your glass door. In other words, you are free to imagine a rather unique bathroom and shower area, by taking advantage of this modern type of shower doors.

Additionally, you will also find that glass shower doors are extremely functional, since they will usually make for a flush division between your shower and the rest of the bathroom. This is great if there isn’t much available space in your bathroom, and it also means that won’t be absolutely any drops of water outside of the shower space. In other words, frameless glass shower doors don’t just look remarkably elegant and sophisticated. They are actually more efficient than any other kind of shower door, since they make for a neatly enclosed shower space.

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