Generac Pressure Washer

A Generac pressure washer is handy to have to use around the home or for commercial use. They are used all the time at construction sites. They range in power from 1900 psi to 3500 psi. Generac is one of the better brands to buy if you are shopping for a pressure washer and they will clean almost any surface with very little effort. The powerful Generac pressure washers use water under high pressure to clean away dirt and debris around homes and on commercial sites. Grease and oil on a garage floors can be easily removed with a pressure washer. You can also use them to clean mildew or mold off of wood fencing or the wood siding on your home. You can also use a pressure washer to remove old paint before you paint your house. These are powerful cleaning tools and should be used with care because you can be harmed by the powerful blast of water if it is pointed at you or someone else while in use. There are pressure washers made specifically for residential use and others made specifically for commercial use.

The non professional grade Generac pressure washers are used by homeowners everywhere and include the following models:

  • Model #1694 – This model is one of their residential use models. It has a gas powered Briggs & Stratton engine and weighs about 43 lbs. This Generac pressure washer is power rated at 1900 psi and has a 2 gallon per minute flow rate. The spray nozzle is adjustable and easy to connect. Included is a stainless steel wand and a 250foot pressure washer hose. The unique thing about this Generac pressure washer is the fact that it incorporates a detergent injection system.
  • Model #20214 – This model provides 1950 psi with a 3.75 hp gas powered Briggs & Stratton engine. It also comes with a turbo nozzle and other features that are on the previous model.
  • Model # 1450 – This Generac pressure washer is their top residential model. It is power rated at 2400 psi. It has a powerful 5hp Honda engine with a 2.2 gallon per minute flow rate. This model comes with 3 high pressure spray nozzles and 1 low pressure nozzle. The weight for this model is 87 lbs. The design includes 10 inch pneumatic tires for easy portability.

Generac also makes 3 commercial grade pressure washers which include the following models:

  • Model # 1418, rated at 3000 psi. This professional grade pressure washer has an 8 hp gas powered engine. It has an easy start valve that easy for pull starting. Included is a stainless steel wand and gun which is comfortable to grip.
  • Model # 1539, rated at 3000 psi has the same features as above. It has a shipping weight of 137 lbs.
  • Model # 1540, rated at 3500 psi, their most powerful pressure washer.

All three of these models are operated by high performance Honda engines. One safety feature on them is the low oil shut off valve and thermal overload cut-outs. Each of these models comes with a variable pressure nozzle with multiple high pressure tips for 0-15-25-40 degree work angles. Also included with each model is a 50 foot pressure washer hose. The commercial Generac pressure washers can weight up to 160 lbs, yet they are easy to move around on the job site thanks to their 10 in pneumatic tires and design.

You can find Generac pressure washers for sale in your local retail stores and on various websites online. You can shop around online to get the best pricing. If you ever need replacement parts for your Generac pressure washer like new nozzles or a new hose they can be found easily online as well. Most Generac pressure washers are sold with a one year warranty.

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