GE Washing Machines

Like cars, washing machines are an investment – they last for years, they are used constantly and they perform a very important function – doing the laundry. Anyone buying a washing machine must put a great deal of thought into it. Again, like cars, washing machines have to match both the needs and lifestyle of its owners. For a large family, there needs to be a large, heavy duty washing machine. For smaller families or single individuals, a small plastic washing machine will do. Again, the programming of the washing machine must be considered. For people who wear clothes of different types of fabric, it might help to have the optimum washing durations and strengths for these fabrics preprogrammed into the machine.

General Electric is a household name when it comes to appliances. It is the fourth most recognized brand in the world, and its washing machines are at the top or near the top of any review list. General Electric has always put a great deal of emphasis in its research and development, and so the end products generally tend to be higher quality. Its recent launch of EcoImagination, an initiative to create and market new energy efficient technologies, will ensure its products are more environmentally friendly.

General Electric provides both top load and front loader washing machines. In general, top load washing machines are cheaper but they consume more energy. These washers work by using a centrifugal spin and reversing action to send the detergent water through the clothes. Their loading capacity is normally restricted to a few kilograms, so big loads of laundry have to be divided and washed, but their compactness makes them easy to store. General electric has a range of top load washers, from the Super Capacity Washer with 6 cycles to the Super Plus Capacity Washer with 24. There is also a space saving high capacity portable washer with a stainless steel basket. Several energy efficient washers, with multiple cycles such as GE Profile Harmony are also available

Front load washing machines are more expensive but more energy efficient. They can also wash larger loads than top load washers, and the flat top can accommodate a dryer or serve as a flat work surface. These washers use reversing tumble wash action to lift and drop clothing in and out of the detergent washer. This a gentler method of cleaning than the one used by top load washers and because of the reduced friction, clothes last longer. The GE King-size Capacity Frontload Washer with Stainless Steel Basket can do 10 cycles and the GE Frontload Washer can do multiple. All of these are energy efficient, especially the GE Profile front load washers.

General Electric also provides products with Energy Star standards of efficiency, meaning that they use 20 to 30 percent less energy than these devices usually do. The GE Profile Harmony top load washer uses 57 percent less energy than the standards of the US Department of Energy and 10 percent less energy than the Energy Star standards. The GE Profile Hydrowave with Infusor topload washers consume 60 percent less energy and 51 percent less water compared to non-Energy Star qualified washers. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, people in the US who trade in their old appliances for new Energy Star appliances can get rebates. General Electric carries a great many Energy Star washers, and so consumers who are looking for a new washing machine should get a General Electric washer – they can get a quality product and save money at the same time.

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