GE Refrigerators

Are you thinking about buying a new refrigerator because the one you have now is old or in need of repair? If you are in the market, now is a good time to consider a new GE refrigerator. GE is a well known name and trusted brand. Knowledgeable consumers have been buying from GE since 1907. The company has become one of the biggest manufacturers of refrigerators and other major appliances in the world today.

GE actually has three different lines of refrigerators to choose from. Each one line has a wide selection of styles, colors and prices. The Monogram GE refrigerator line is considered to be the top line that GE offers. Whether it is a side-by-side, freezer on the top or freezer on the bottom, an under the counter double drawer refrigerator, each GE refrigerator model in this line has been certified as an energy star or energy efficient model.

The GE Monogram line offers luxury refrigerators in several models, styles and colors. One innovative Monogram series GE refrigerator that gets a lot of attention these days is the Monogram® 20.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Two Drawer Free-Standing Refrigerator. This is a professionally styled, stainless steel finish refrigerator that has two French-style doors on top of two pull out double freezer drawers. This styling is really quite practical and food is easy to reach both in the refrigerator and in both freezer drawers. The refrigerator compartment has humidity controls for the drawers inside that help keep cheese, fruits and vegetables fresh.

The second line of refrigerators manufactured by GE is there Profile line. This GE refrigerator line is designed to have the latest technologies with a modern look to enhance your kitchen. A new Profile GE refrigerator can be purchased as a built-in unit or as a free-standing refrigerator. The Profile line offers Energy Star models that have the freezer on the top. The colors you can choose from are black, white, bisque or stainless steel. Other models offered in this line are the French-door style, side-by-side and the stainless steel wrapped styles. Prices vary according to the many options available on each model.

The GE Collection line is the most affordable and basic GE refrigerator line. This line offers you the freezer on the bottom or top or a side-by-side model. The line also carries a chest freezer or an upright freezer. This is a manual defrost GE refrigerator and is very simple and basic in design. If you are just getting started in a home of your own, this is the line that is best suited for new consumers to choose from. A GE refrigerator from the basic collection line is both affordable and reliable.
Several GE refrigerators that have earned the Energy Star are rated as being 40% more efficient that all conventional refrigerators. The Energy Star GE refrigerators have been designed to be extremely efficient compared to others. Depending on where you live, you may get a rebate from your local utility company if you purchase a GE refrigerator that is an Energy Star rated refrigerator. To find out if you are eligible, check with y our local utility company.

Buying a new GE refrigerator can be an expensive purchase. Make sure you know which model or refrigerator line will best suit your needs. You can find all of the various GE refrigerators that are for sale by going online and viewing several websites. You can also go to your local GE refrigerator dealer and look at the models they have on the sales floor. You will be able to get more specific information from a knowledgeable GE refrigerator sales person.

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