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Recent studies have shown us that on average three out of four evening meals are eaten at home. However, unfortunately, many of us do not have the time to plan out each and every evening meal and cook them from scratch. Well this was the case until the introduction of GE Profile Ovens. This huge advancement in cooking technology made its way into the marketplace during the late 1990s. These ovens harnessed together with the latest halogen light technology can provide you some great tasting meals in mere minutes. You can literally bake, broil, brown or roast food without the need to preheat. Many GE Profile Ovens are able to cook many fabulous tasting meals four times faster than a conventional oven. A model such as the GE Advantium 120 oven can actually cook meals up to 8 times faster than a conventional oven. You are also able to diversify the settings to warm, traditional cooking or microwave capabilities.

Cooking healthy and tasty meals at high speed is now essential in many modern homes. A model such as the GE Advantium 120 uses 120 volt installation, making the installation of this product both flexible and extremely fast. Unlike most traditional ovens, you merely need to press a button to have high quality and well prepared food on your table in minutes as opposed to hours. They have been specifically designed for simplicity and, of course, speed. Many GE Profile Ovens actually come pre-programmed with hundreds of individual recipes for you and your family to try. You will actually find that the programming function is very flexible and should you wish to, you can also program your own recipes into the oven.

To show how much the GE Profile Oven and their speedy technology is accepted, many nationally distributed food products from companies such as Nestle or Pillsbury actually have specific oven cooking instructions for GE models. GE appliances in conjunction with Pillsbury recently announced that specific preparation instructions with the GE Profile Advantium had been placed on nearly 100 million Pillsbury products and their packaging. Pillsbury are now also looking to add the preparation instructions to many of their dough based products such as breadsticks, cookies, biscuits and crescent rolls.

The majority of GE Profile Ovens eliminate the need to preheat your oven and are also extremely easy to clean. This is mainly due to the stainless steel construction which can easily be wiped clean with an all purpose cleaner and a cloth. Additionally the design of these multi-purpose ovens allows for a very stylish look in the kitchen. Your oven can be finished in stainless steel, white, bisque or black. They are also known to enhance a variety of spaces in the kitchen and are extremely pleasing on the eye.

The estimated cost of a GE Profile Oven will vary depending on the specific model you choose. However most fall within the price range of $749 – $1,899. To give you an idea on the comparison between a GE Profile Oven and conventional oven, here are some estimated cooking times:

  • A chicken will take approximately 120 minutes in a conventional oven, but will only take 20 minutes in an advanced GE Profile model.
  • A Pepperoni pizza may take 23 minutes using the conventional route, whereas it will take 5 and a half minutes in the GE version.
  • Baked Potatoes can take up to 83 minutes in a conventional oven, but only 4 minutes in a GE Profile Oven.

There are numerous variations of the GE Profile Oven however the most popular is, without doubt, the GE double ovens. They are typically available in 24 inch to 30 inch cabinet widths. The technology will include a fan which circulates air throughout the oven which will ensure that heat is evenly distributed. These are microwaves combined with an oven and a traditional oven. This will allow the bake and broil elements to heat food from both above and below. There are also a gas range of GE Profile Ovens that come in several different models. Many of the gas range are self cleaning and also contain baking, broiling and roasting features. They even have a Sabbath mode which allows you to pre-determine a time when you would like the oven to start. This is actually possible even when you are not at home.

All in all GE Profile Ovens are a must have accessory in modern day kitchens. With the need for quick, healthy and tasty meals, you will not find a better oven range than GE Profile is able to offer.

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