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Does your house have a dishwasher? Chances are it does, but not so long ago, many homes went without what we now see as a vital modern day appliance. Back before GE dishwashers became ubiquitous parts of our day to day lives, people actually had to wash their dishes by hand. Aside from being time consuming, hand washing dishes was dirty work and a huge chore that nobody wanted to perform. That is why we should count ourselves lucky to live in a day and age where GE dishwashers are available in most homes.

If you do not know what a dishwasher is, then chances are you get your hands wet and soapy quite often, and that’s a shame. A GE dishwasher is an mechanical device manufactured by the company General Electric. It is used for mechanically cleaning dishes and other eating utensils. Have you ever wondered how busy restaurants serve so many people in one night? Well, the answer is simple. They use GE dishwashers (or dishwashers made by other manufacturers) to clean their dishes so that they can reuse them when the next group of diners comes walking through the door.

So how do GE dishwashers work? While when we wash dishes by hand we scrub the dirt off the dishes, GE dishwashers work in a different way. GE dishwashers spray very hot water (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit!) on the dishes. This extremely hot spray is also mixed with detergent, and that mixture is what substitutes for manual scrubbing and cleans the dishes. Next in the dishwasher cycle comes the rinse. This is a spray of clean water that is used to was the detergent residue off the clean dishes, and is very similar to someone rinsing their dishes under a faucet after removing them from the soap suds.

One benefit of GE dishwashers is that they are able to use strong detergents than human hands can generally tolerate. These detergents are more alkaline than the human hand can generally take, but since a GE dishwasher requires no human contact to clean dishes, they are fine for use within the cleaning cycle. Many GE dishwashers also come equipped with a heating element that allows the GE dishwasher to dry dishes very quickly.

If you are under the impression that dishwashers are a relatively new invention, you are wrong. As with most technology, it was invented long before it actually became feasible for use in an everyday household. The first mechanical dishwasher was patented in 1850 by inventor Joel Houghton. This dishwasher was quite unlike the GE dishwashers we know today, and in fact it was hand powered. The dishwasher we know today is the descendent of a dishwasher invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1886 and introduced to the public at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. If you are under the impression that Cochrane invented the dishwasher so that she would no longer have to wash dishes herself, then you are mistaken. Cochrane was a very wealthy woman who invented the dishwasher because she was tired of her servants chipping her fine china.

GE dishwashers are almost universal in western homes these days. If you are in the market for a GE dishwasher, be sure to make sure that the GE dishwasher is energy efficient and designed to save on water. For a long time, dishwashers were one of the biggest energy wasters in the modern household, but thanks to program’s like GE’s EnergyStar program, they are now more energy and water efficient than ever. Ask your salesperson about the environmental impact of your GE dishwasher before deciding on a final purchase.

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