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If you have ever lived on a ranch, farm, estate or other place with a driveway entry gate, you know that interesting logistics can become involved when it comes to getting the gate open and closed. As the worst case scenario, and the most time consuming, you get out of the car and open the gate, drive your car through the opening, then get back out and close the gate. Of course, this is an extremely time consuming way to enter your property, but if you live in an area – such as a ranch – where livestock could potentially be roaming about, then it’s probably the less of two evils.

Another option, and a not very practical one at that, is to hire a human gate operator whose sole job it is to stand by the gate and wait around for you to drive out and back and open the gate for you each time. Does this sound expensive? Yes. Does it sound practical? Not at all. In fact, not for a very long time have most families had the income to hire household staff to simply serve the role of gate operator. This option for your gate is neither very practical nor very cost effectives.

The final option, and likely the most practical option when it comes to managing the gate on your property, is to install an electronic gate operator. An electronic gate operator, unlike the human gate operator described before, is a mechanical device that is used to open and close a gate. They can be used on gates at the end of your driveway, gates used in secure commercial or industrial settings, at apartment complexes, at prisons, at military bases, government installations, and almost anywhere possible you can think of that would need a gate and a gate operator.

Have you decided that you don’t have the disposable income around to hire a human gate operator? That probably didn’t take very long, did it? The good news is that there are all types of mechanical gates operated in all manner of ways, and chances are good that you will be able to find a gate operator that will perform all the gate opening and closing functions you could ever possibly imagine.

Gate types include swing gates, which swing out in one direction or the other – either inward or outward. Imagine a door opening or closing and you will have a pretty clear picture of a swing gate. Of course, one hazard of swing gates is that they can swing out and unwittingly hit vehicles or pedestrians. Another type of gate is a slide gate. This gate, unlike the swing gate, simply slides in place along the same path as the fence. This poses less danger to cars and other passersby, but can still be very dangerous. Another type of gate is the overhead gate. Overhead gates are generally built into another surface and rise up when they open, much like a garage door.

Interestingly enough there is one type of gate that only stands a few inches tall. This gate is known by many other names, especially if you are the person who has just run over it. What it is? It’s called a “tiger’s teeth” gate and it is used by police and parking lot owners to deter people from illegally driving over a certain space by shredding their tires if they do. For example, instead of investing in fences, parking lot owners may simply invest in a set of tiger’s teeth for all exits to the parking lot save for one. That last, open exit is where people must pay. Also, the way the tiger’s teeth or situated in the ground, they only shred tires going in one direction (i.e. out of the parking lot without paying!)

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  1. eddie p. says:

    I have been in the parking controls business as a technician for over 5 years now and was going to add some tips for those purchasing their first gate opener.
    1. NO Solar Panel! im just telling you they well make you get out of your car and scream! i am in the business of taking them out these days. Pay a little extra and run the correct wire/voltage to your operator.
    2.Make sure you have a exit loop installed in case your clicker (transmitter) fails or gets lost. A exit loop is a censor in the drive that detects metal and sends the signal to open for your exit.
    3.if you want a camera installed out at your gate just go wireless. This will save you money and give you the same quality picture as a wired camera would.
    4.BRAND IS IMPORTANT! Doorking, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Faac, Mighty Mule, Apollo
    5.Make sure a parking controls technician installs the operator or operators.
    6.Dont get out in the rain to open your gate anymore!

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