Gas Laundry Center

For homes that have a significant amount of laundry, the gas laundry centers can be ideal solutions. These laundry centers are a combination of a washer unit and a dryer, much like a washing machine, but they are designed differently. These devices have a vertical arrangement of the washer and the dryer. This makes them space-saving appliances, well suited for home use. The appliances are energized through gas power, as the name suggests. One of the main reasons why they are suitable for home use is that they can take heavier loads than regular washing machines, but at the same time, they are narrower because of their vertical construction. Most of the gas laundry centers can be fitted within narrow recesses in walls and used as such.

There are many ways in which gas laundry centers win over other washing arrangements available for residential purposes. These centers can heat water in which the clothes are washed. Due to the higher temperature, the cleaning can be more efficient. Most of the gas laundry centers have different temperature adjustments with recommendations on what types of clothes must be washed at each temperature setting. There are usually four different temperature settings on these gas laundry centers.

Apart from the temperature settings, there are different cycles that can be used on gas laundry centers. Some of them can have as many as nine different cycles. These cycles will include a presoak cycle, which will not actually wash the clothes but will help soak the clothes in a detergent solution so that solid particles can be loosened from the fabric. These can be easily removed during the subsequent wash cycle. A similar feature found in some laundry centers is the pre-treat cycle in which the clothes can be treated with certain substances such as starches or fabric whiteners so that the washing is more efficient. Most of the cycles are meant to provide various speeds to the spin wheel.

In some of the gas laundry centers, the speed of the spin wheel is predetermined, but some of the modern laundry centers allow for this speed to be adjusted by the user. This spin wheel, which is powered by a motor, is attached to an agitator which will be in contact with the water in which the clothes to be washed are placed. As the spin wheel rotates, the agitator moves along with it. This will set the water in motion, which can remove the dirt particles from the clothes. This is also the principle of cleansing of the washing machine; however, in a gas laundry center, it is done with much more efficiency and capacity.

There are many devices that make the laundry centers more convenient to use. One feature found commonly in these centers is the automatic dispensers for bleaches and fabric softeners. Some of the systems are so constructed that they can automatically dispense the necessary washing ingredients at the right time.

Both the washer and the dryer components have metallic console styling nowadays. For easy and more accurate usage, there are rotary as well as digital controls provided. Some of these gas centers are so highly evolved that they can remember particular washing cycles and temperatures, and in fact, they can recommend what kind of temperature would be suitable for a particular kind of water.

Gas laundry centers today are very stable and sturdy appliances because of their metallic casing and their construction which keeps them working in an efficient manner. They have a capacity of roughly 2.7 cubic feet, which is quite enough for a few days’ laundry at once for an average household. This helps save money and resources because many wash cycles are not required.

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