Gas Furnace

If you have a gas furnace in your home you have one that uses gas as the fuel to produce heat. A gas furnace also uses a heat exchanger and will have a pilot light that is attached to the fuel source. The gas is usually delivered to the pilot light via a gas pipe. The gas can be either natural gas or propane gas. Modern day gas furnaces also make use of a thermostat. You can set adjust the temperature in you home by using the thermostat which will cause the heater to come on or turn off depending on what temperature you have it set on.

Everyone is concerned about fuel economy and rightly so. Keep in mind that a gas furnace is the biggest user of fuel in the home or workplace. Fortunately, over the years gas furnaces have been designed to be more fuel efficient. Natural gas furnaces are now one o the most efficient sources of heat today. There are all kinds of high efficiency gas furnaces available today to choose from. A high efficiency gas furnace costs a little more to buy than a conventional gas furnace, but you can make up for the higher cost in the long run because of its fuel efficiency. A high efficiency gas furnace uses the latest technologies to help keep its fuel usage down.

When shopping for a gas furnace you will find that they all have a sticker on them which gives the AFUE number. AFUE is the acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. If you want to buy a high efficiency gas furnace then look for one with an AFUE number in the 80s or 90s. Anything lower than those numbers means it will not be a high efficiency gas furnace. You should also look for an Energy Star sticker when shopping for a new gas furnace if you want to cut down on your gas bill.

Gas heat provides a comfortable heat for the home. It is a much more comfortable heat than electric heat. A gas furnace will heat your home for less than an electric heating system will. A gas furnace will draw cold air in from inside the house and disperse it back out through ductwork if it is a forced air unit. Older homes usually do not have ductwork in place. For these kinds of homes you can buy free standing or wall mounted gas furnaces. You can also retrofit the home with a brand new forced air gas furnace. This option is the most expensive option however.

A gas heater must be maintained properly for it to continue to work efficiently. A poorly maintained gas furnace can become less efficient when it is clogged up with dirt and grime. The gas furnace should be cleaned at least once a year. The furnace filter should be changed at least once a year too. People who have allergies often change the furnace filter every month during the winter months to help keep down on dust, molds and other air borne contaminates. When cleaning your gas furnace be sure to turn off the heater and the gas supply both. Try to clean the blower as best as you can and use the vacuum for the hard to reach places. You should also check for wear and tear on the fan belts. If you do not feel comfortable with maintaining your gas furnace you can always have the gas company come out and do it for you for a fee.

If you are going to be replacing your old gas furnace you can find all kinds of information about the new models online. There are plenty of reviews to read on any particular brand. You can also purchase a new gas furnace online if you want to install it yourself.

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