Gas Dryer

The gas dryer is a kind of dryer that people used for drying clothes. These are clothes that have been washed through other means, such as a washing machine. The gas dryer takes care of the drying part. Both heat and mechanical force are applied in these machines to expel the water present in the clothes and to make them as dry as possible. Though a complete drying is not possible, some machines can create up to a 95% drying effect. For complete drying, the clothes will need to be air-dried by traditionally hanging them out in the sun.

Though the gas dryers that use natural gas are the most popular, there are gas dryers that are powered with propane and butane also. These dryers will basically pass the hot gases through a heat exchanger system, which rises the temperature of the interior of the gas dryer. At the same time, the byproducts that are caused due to the heating of the gases are vented off through an outlet system.

The principle of working of the gas dryer depends on the hot air. When the air is raised in temperature, it will have a greater capacity to absorb water from the clothes. Thus, the drying will take place faster. At the same time, a spin wheel will rotate the clothes. When clothes are in circular motion, there is a tendency of the water present in them to move toward the outside due to centripetal force. These water droplets are then immediately picked up by the hot air. Hence, the working of gas dryers depends on heating as well as circular motion of the clothes.

There are different types of heat settings available with gas dryers and, obviously, the higher the heat is set at, the faster will the clothes dry. However, it is not possible to have high heat settings for all kinds of clothes because some fabrics are more sensitive to heat than the others. For that reason, most gas dryers will mention the temperature settings not in terms of the temperature themselves, but in terms of the clothes that can be suitably dried with that temperature.

Gas dryers are energy consuming devices, more than most other devices that are available for household usage. They require two forms of energy – the energy to heat up the gas and the electrical energy to spin the clothes. For that reason, it is recommended to use full loads of clothes with gas dryers so that they can conserve some energy by using fewer batches.

In any case, gas dryers have always been criticized by experts and governments urge on methods such as natural air drying in place of gas dryers to conserve energy resources. Though the total electricity consumed by them is low (because they use a dual source of energy), gas dryers also use fuel, which is a non-renewable resource. This is the reason they have attracted the ire of energy conservationists.

A typical gas dryer will fit in any space that a washing machine will fit in. There are different sizes available, usually designated as small, medium and large. The larger sizes are built for larger clothes such as bed sheets and sofa covers rather than for more clothes in quantity. For household usage, a medium sized gas dryer is considered to be the most adequate and is the one that is most prominently advertised so. Gas dryers can fit over existing washing machines so that they can be used more efficiently. Washing machines have a drying cycle of their own, but since this drying is never complete, most people feel the need of using some other method of drying their clothes, such as passing them through a gas dryer to dry them to a greater extent.

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