Garry Vacuum

The Garry vacuum is a product of Envion. They also make the Garry steam mop, air purifiers, humidifiers, sanitizers, floor care products and more that are available at stores like Costco, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. The Garry vacuum is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market. It only weighs about 9 pounds. This vacuum cleaner is a good choice for people who suffer with allergies. It has a lot of nice features such as one that provides hypo-allergenic solutions for those who suffer from allergies. This is because it is advertised as being able to purify the air and minimize bacteria when you use it. An allergy sufferer will really appreciate being able to breath easier in their own home after they vacuum with a Garry vacuum. It features a 5-layer germicidal external bad and a 3 layer internal bag. The bag captures the dust and other harmful particles out of the air as you vacuum so you will notice that you will not have to dust as often in your home. You can go from carpe to bar floor with ease when you use a Garry vacuum. The Carpet and Rug Institute has awarded the Garry vacuum its seal of approval.

The Garry vacuum has an agitating brush on it that spins at 6,600 RPM. The excellent suction power on this vacuum allows you to only need to make one pass over the carpet. When compared with other brands in its league, the Garry vacuum has 40% more suction power. It also features what they call no-back-track technology to help ensure you do not have to keep going over and over the same area of carpet to make sure it is sufficiently vacuumed. The Garry vacuum does an excellent job at cleaning up pet hair so if you are a household with pets, this is a good vacuum for you. Pet hairs can be very difficult to clean up but with a Garry vacuum it will not be a problem. Be sure to buy the Turbo Brush that attaches to the vacuum if you have a pet in your home. It will spin powerfully and pick up pet hairs that are stuck on your furniture and carpeting. You will get a free Garry telescoping extension wand when you buy the Turbo Brush. You can use the want to get to ceiling fans and blinds. Because of the one pass no-back-track technology and added innovative accessories you will be able to get your house cleaning done a lot faster.

The Garry vacuum cleaner comes with a lifetime supply hypoallergenic bags, unlike other vacuums that require bags. You will not have to spend more money every time you need a new bag. You will also get an expandable reach attachment to use with the hose so you can get to those hard to reach places. The hose is already 10ft in length when it is not compressed though. It also has a 30 ft cord. Also, if the vacuum cleaner breaks or has something go wrong with it, you can send it back and have it replaced free of charge. All you will have to do is pay the shipping and handling fees.

When you buy a Garry vacuum it will come in a box fully assembled. You will only have to attach the handle. It comes with free inner bags for life, 4 on-board attachment tools, a spare belt and a free lifetime warranty. The Garry vacuum is about 1/3 less expensive to buy than competitor brands too. All in all, this vacuum is a good option for those who want to clean their carpets faster and who need to maintain good air quality in the home while vacuuming.

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