Garmin Nuvi GPS

The Garmin Nüvi GPS (Global Positioning System) offers drivers the luxury of traveling with ease. Like many GPS devices out there, these models can be integrated with a mobile phone or laptop, thanks to GPS receivers and navigation software. Hikers, boaters, hunters and other outdoorsy types are especially helped with GPS technology. Garmin offers GPS in waterproof models, and devices for boats that can actually track fish and predict the weather! There are even devices for hobby pilots.

The Garmin Nüvi GPS product lines range from the compact to the advanced that are fully equipped with voice activation. While receiving stellar reviews from experts and only slightly less praise form users, the only downfall in the Garmin is the price. However, depending on your priorities, you may find that the Garmin Nüvi GPS is well worth the extra expense.

The Garmin Nüvi 880 is listed as a top favorite (4 out of 5 stars) among the editors at CNET, a leading technology Web site. In addition, the Garmin brand is the most sought after GPS brand on the site. The nüvi 205-series ($170 to $300) are the most affordable navigators out of the bunch, and give directions at each turn. The 265WT is considered a good value for the sophistication it offers at the lower-rung price. The nüvi 500-series ($300) is a waterproof model that comes in various modes, but the Garmin Nüvi 500 received only tepid ratings. It is fashioned for the outdoorsy type who drive, boat, bike or hike, but reviewers wanted a more “dedicated” device. Moving up on the advanced scale is the nüvi 705-series ($400 to $700), which carry such features as lane assist, route planning and a 3-D building view.

The voice-activated nüvi 805-series ($600 to $700) with lane assist is a godd device for those who don’t want to use their hands while making complicated turns in serious traffic or on the highway (or both). The Garmin Nüvi 880 received rave reviews from experts (4 stars) and good reviews from 133 users (3.5 stars), and was most notably lauded for its pitch-perfect voice recognition. Meanwhile, Garmin offers the ultra-slim nüvi 1200-series ($200 to $300) is a more affordable advanced-feature model. Its near cousin the nüvi 1300-series ($250 to $450) adds a widescreen and in some cases lane assist.

There are some things to consider before running off to the store to purchase GPS. The device isn’t for everyone, and for many it’s not worth the cost. However, if you travel often, especially for work, this can be a priceless investment. In addition, you still have to have some idea where you are going while using GPS because you can lose your signal in heavily wooded areas.

So where did GPS come from, you ask? In 1973, the U.S. Department of Defense developed the NAVSTAR GPS, a 30-satellite network that orbited the Earth every half day. Ground stations monitored these satellites, and through signals given by the airborne devices and received by the stations, military operations could determine current and average speed of moving devices, their direction and their elevation. This is why GPS devices require a clear view of the sky to work properly.

Garmin was founded in Kansas in 1989 in a brainstorming session among a handful of engineers. Ten years later, the workforce reached 1,000 and by 2007 topped 7,000 as it expanded into Asian and European markets. Garmin produces their devices from the bottom up, from design and manufacturing to marketing and selling the product. The Garmin staff touts itself as aviators, boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and drivers that all the time use GPS.

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