Garden Spray Nozzles

Garden spray nozzles allow you to easily water your garden, wash your car and perform other tasks as needed. The nozzle allows you to control the direction of the water, the speed in which the water flows from your garden hose and the rate of that flow. A garden spray nozzle can easily be attached to the end of a garden hose or used with a water wand. There are many different types and styles of spray nozzles and the type of water spray that you get depends on the garden spray nozzle that you choose. The nozzle’s width as well as the number of holes that the nozzle features will help to determine the overall water spray that you get.

Some garden spray nozzles have seven rows of holes with two holes in each row. These are the most commonly found although there are nozzles that have up to 76 holes in them. This type provides you with more of a water mist than a forceful spray. Many garden hose nozzles feature a mechanism that will allow you to completely halt the flow of water to allow yourself time to perform certain tasks while conserving water. You can also purchase many nozzles that feature different heads for spraying. These allow you to easily change out the spray type as you need to do so for different watering tasks.

Water wands are also very popular and allow you to perform a variety of watering tasks as well. Most water hose nozzle wands have three different parts. They typically feature a valve for shut off, an extension tube and the nozzle. Telescoping wands can be altered to include up to six different patterns for spraying and allow you to perform a wide variety of tasks all from the same nozzle fixture. When choosing a quality garden hose nozzle, those made from copper are typically the best choice. Copper tends to resist rust and corrosion much better than other materials and will ensure that you get many years of use from your nozzle.

While garden spray nozzles are typically used for cleaning other objects such as home siding and vehicles, they themselves do need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. If dirt or other corrosive materials clog the nozzle, you simply will not be able to get any water through it. You can easily take a garden spray nozzle apart and clean it thoroughly and it is recommended that you do this routinely to ensure that it stays fully functional and lasts longer. In order to clean the nozzle, you will first need to remove it from the garden hose. Simply unscrew the nozzle making sure that you first turn off the water supply.

You can place the garden hose nozzle into a bowl or container filled with warm water and a cleaning agent. Bleach or another detergent can be used for cleaning. Allow the nozzle to soak in the cleaning solution for at least twenty minutes to allow enough time to loosen any dirt or other debris that may clog the holes. You can also remove the screen and scrub it with a soft brush if needed to ensure that all dirt and debris is removed. If you notice dirt or other materials clogging up the nozzle’s tip, you can use a toothpick or another sharp, pointed item to dislodge the material. Once you have effectively removed all of the dirt and debris from the nozzle, simply rinse off the detergent and replace the nozzle to your garden hose by screwing it back on. Doing this routinely will help you to prolong the life of your nozzle.

Garden spray nozzles can be purchased at most wholesale or department stores, home improvement stores and at a variety of online retailers. The cost will depend on many factors including the brand of nozzle that you choose and any specific features that you may want such as a shut off mechanism and the number of spray holes that you need. Garden spray nozzles are very inexpensive overall and can typically be purchased for around $10 to more than $50, again depending on the specific nozzle and features that you choose.

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