Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal should be a part of every kitchen. But it turns out that a garbage disposal is a matter or preference. But if you are considering purchasing one, they are easy to install and easy to maintain. As you know the garbage disposal is installed under the kitchen sink between the drain and the trap. The premise of the garbage disposal is to help grind up food particles that fall into the sink drain.

Most people rinse their dishes off in the sink rather than scrape them off in the garbage. So what happens when pieces of food go down the drain they often clog up the pipes. But with a garbage disposal it can help reduce the amount of clogs that happens when food gets trapped. Though kitchen garbage disposals are mostly used in homes in the United States. In Hungary, garbage disposals are called Kitchen Pigs and in Germany they are called Kitchen Trash Choppers.

In the European Union, they do not allow garbage disposals to be used but some local laws do. The garbage disposal is a great kitchen gadget to have. They are reasonably priced and you can find them in any plumbing supply store or your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. There are so many different brands like Legend or Titan, you should do some research before buying one.

Some manufacturers have better technical specifications than others. You want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. Once you have your kitchen garbage disposal installed, it is ready to use. There are some things that you have to remember. Never try to shove large pieces of food down the disposal. Larger particles could get caught in the impeller and it could freeze the disposal.

You should never place any shellfish like shells from shrimps and oysters. The hard shell may break the impeller. Never put un-popped popcorn down the disposal. The end result may lead to a new disposal. Steer clear of banana peels, potato peels and even celery. These foods are stringy in nature and they can get wrapped around the disposal. Never place any citrus fruits down the disposal either for the reason being that the citrus can rust the disposal.

The idea of a garbage disposal is to clear off small debris from the dishes after a meal. It is not to cut up large pieces of leftover food. It would be a best to lightly scrape off your plate into the garbage and whatever small pieces of food are left over and are still on the plate will be taken care of by the disposal.

Only use food with the disposal, some movies and commercials show people putting paper into the disposal but this doesn’t really work in real life. Garbage disposals are for food garbage not regular garbage. It is also important to main your garbage disposal properly.

If you aren’t careful you may damage the disposal for good and you will have to replace it. If you notice that the disposal is not working with the same speed it used to, it may mean that you have a clog. Turn off the power and take a look under the sink. Using an Allen Wrench you can see into the disposal and if there are any clogs then you can remove the clog from there.

For bigger problems you may have to call a plumber and with the cost of plumbers these days it would be best if you could maintain the garbage disposal on your own. Do some research and see what disposals are available, make sure that the disposal will work with your kitchen drain and pipe. Make sure you know the piping size under the sink so when you go to buy one you know you are getting the right one. Always make sure that you read and installation and cleaning instructions that come with the disposal.

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