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Some things in life aren’t absolutely necessary, but besides being useful they add to your personal comfort… and that is something quite invaluable. Garage door openers are a good example; sure, you can live without a motorized device that opens your garage door at the flick of a button. You could just stop the car, get out, walk to the garage door, open it, get back to the car, drive into the garage, get out of the car and close the garage door. But let’s face it, it’s extremely more comfortable just using an automated garage door opener so you can just drive in and relax.

Since you’ve already reached this website, we probably don’t have to tell you how getting a garage door opener will make your life easier. You’re probably wondering what is the right device for you, as well what would be the cost of getting one installed and other technical considerations – including safety precautions. If so, you’re indeed on the right place at the right time. As you can see, this page is dedicated to garage door openers, and our efforts are always focused in finding the best devices at the best prices, so you can find all the information you need right here, without wasting time with research.

Different types of garage door opener

Most of the commercially available garage door openers work in a similar way, with the main difference being their modes of operation and special features. Typically, electric garage door openers are suspended above the garage door and they’re comprised of a power unit attached to a track and a trolley that connects to the top of the door through an arm. When you trigger the mechanism, the power unit will make the trolley move along the track, and it will push or pull the garage door through its metallic arm.

Most commonly, these automated openers either use a key switch or a remote control; key switches are usually installed on the wall near the garage, so you’ll have to stop the car next to the switch, use the key on the switch and wait for the door to open. Key switches are somewhat outdated nowadays, and they are generally being replaced with wall mounted fingerprint sensors with exactly the same purpose.

Most people however, prefer getting a remote to control their garage door; especially since garage door remotes have quite advanced security codes nowadays, which makes it impossible for a potential burglar to find a way to open the garage door unless he was found your own remote. Even if your remote happens to be lost or stolen, you will be able to re-adjust the frequency and change security codes quite simply, as to keep unwanted visitors from trespassing through the garage door.

Garage door openers with special features
Even though most automated garage door openers look the same, there are some advanced devices with rather unique and special features that you may find interesting. It can be something as simple as a mechanism that stops the garage door in case it bumps into a person or object, or something as complex as a carbon monoxide sensor that automatically opens the door in case the garage happens to be flooded with exhaust fumes.

Other special features you can find in certain garage door openers include auxiliary lights that turn on while the garage door is moving or remote lockout capability, which allows turning off the radio receiver if you’re out of town, for added security. Some garage doors can also be operated through the Internet, which can be useful in some occasions – for example if you need someone to deliver a package into your garage while you’re out working.

Important safety precautions you should keep in mind
An automated garage door is an extremely useful device that will indeed make your life easier. However, it’s also a very heavy moving device which can be hazardous unless you take the right precautions. Even though most garage doors include a security mechanism that halts the power unit or reverses the movement if the garage door bumps into something, this mechanism may not work if the door is not properly installed, aligned and balanced. As such, you may want to take additional precautions, especially if you have young children in your household.

If you’re using a wall mounted key switch or fingerprint sensor, you should have it installed high enough on the wall so it’s out of reach from smaller children, and you also should be mindful of where you place your garage door openers. In the same way, you should watch the door movement as it fully opens and closes, to eliminate the chances of accidents. Remember, garage doors are very heavy and they might exert deadly forces if something gets caught underneath.

Even though there are several precautions which manufacturers have to comply with by federal law (such as a back-up safety reversing mechanism relying on photoelectric sensors mounted close to the ground), it’s still a good idea being attentive to the operation of the garage door until it fully opens or closes. Additionally, you should talk with the technicians who are assigned to installing your automated garage door to make sure they are following all the appropriate safety precautions.

We hope you can find the garage door opener that suits you, browsing our catalog. If  you can’t decide what’s the right device for you, feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you make the right decision.

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