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Gaming monitors are some of the most amazing and impressive monitors you’ll ever find. There are thousands of different types of gaming monitors, so the problem is not whether to buy one, but which one to choose!

Some have various MS, some have various widths and heights, some work better with certain graphics card, but most importantly, when you are gaming, you look for speed and colors.

Gaming, videos and computers have caught the imagination of the world, and are extremely popular, with the popularity increasing daily. However, like anything else that there are benefits from, there are problems.

Gaming can contribute towards improving your skills and mind; research shows that gaming can additionally help patients with mental diseases like Alzheimer’s. Children who play computer games monitored by concerned parents are known to perform a lot better in school and excel in math as well as creative subjects.

Gaming has been known to improve visual skills; hardcore gamers develop the ability to process what they see, rapidly. A study has been shown that an active gamer can be in a fixed car situation and reply in fast motions to getting out of dangerous situations that a normal person would struggle with. Kid’s who enjoy games usually develop quick skills to think on their feet, they are usually able to “problem” solve without any pausing.

Gamers learn to innovate, if they find one path a dead end, they’ll quickly think of new ways to overcome the dead end. Gaming additionally improves co-ordination and is greatly enhanced by frequent gaming. Games capture the attention of kids who read often, with the aim to master the game, the kids become more and more interested.

Which computer gaming monitors are the best?

  • Fast response times (2ms is the best)
  • HDMI connection
  • The bigger the better, the size needs to be huge.
  • Inbuilt speakers, depends on your preference.
  • Resolution your preference.

Gaming monitors help games to look great, twitchy monitors will tend to ruin the game that you are playing. When you play games, you want to escape into the game and feel like you really are in the action, especially during war games. You want to feel like you are that solider running around with a sniper rifle trying to shoot down enemies.

Gaming monitors are also quite cheap now days that the 3D models are coming out, personally I wouldn’t buy a 3D monitor until they have been out for at least a year, that will allow the prices to go down, and the will have figured out all of the faults with them, trust me there will be faults that will occur, as with any product.
LG W2486L

The LG W2486L is a perfect example of such a modern gaming monitor. It offers amazing technology that gives users the image quality they need for any gaming requirement.

Standout Features

  • LED Backlit Display
  • 23-inch Widescreen
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 2,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio

With 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution the LG W2486L achieves high definition image reproduction compared to the industry standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Usually LCD monitors are backlit by Cold Cathode lights; these are essentially neon lights that illuminate the pixels.

LEDS also allow manufactures to produce monitors that are extremely slim; the W2486L is a mere 0.8 inches thick. The stand is bright, piano black. Attractive as this is, such shiny surfaces tend to reveal smudges and finger printed a lot easier, so having a cloth handy is a great idea. The red glow and eagle eye form is attractively repeated in the monitor’s pedestal as it rises from the base.

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