Gaggenau Steamer

When it comes to cooking food, steaming is perhaps the healthiest choice. It is a gentle way of cooking food without stripping it off the all the vital vitamins and minerals while keeping the food tender and juicy. Steaming is a very effective process of cooking delicate foods, such as certain vegetables, rice, seafood, fish, meat etc. This method of cooking preserves the flavor, color, and nutrients of food like no other method can. And to aid to this method of cooking, a number of different types of steamers have been developed throughout time.

Steamers are kitchen cookware that facilitates the steaming process. There are various different kinds of steamers – starting from the simplest metal insert that can be placed inside a pot which is half-filled with water and boiled, to the bamboo steamer, which consists of individual bamboo racks that can be stacked over each other and placed over a pot of hot water. The other option is an electric steamer that runs on electricity. Electric steamers are easy to use, and can be used outside the kitchen as well. The Gaggenau steamer is an example of such an electronic steamer.

The Gaggenau VK 230 Vario in-counter steamer uses pressureless, hot steam to effectively cook vegetables, rice, fish, shellfish, seafood and meat, while restoring the nutrients of these foods. The steamer has a liquid reservoir capacity of up to 6 quarts, facilitating cooking with water, stock or wine. The glass lid allows monitoring of the food while it cooks.

The Gaggenau VK 230 steamer has a number of features that makes it an award-wining steamer. Some of these features include – electronic temperature control, electronic steam control, function display, electronic short period timer, two cooking inserts, automatic detection of boiling point, and a valve that controls the water drain.

The electronic temperature control allows for the adjustment of temperatures in 10 degree incremental capacity, from a 100 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This function prevents delicate foods, such as certain fishes, from losing their texture by keeping the mat at a constant temperature just below the boiling point. This function also allows for the food to be kept warm for long periods of time, without making it dry or flavorless.

The electronic steam control allows the liquid to be evaporated within a very short time, and it also controls the amount of vapor that is needed in order to cook the food appropriately. The function display displays a continuous countdown to show how much time is left for the food to cook. It also displays all the important functions so the user can view them at a glance. The electronic short period timer function shows the remaining time of the cooking period – a maximum of 90 minutes, and the automatic shut-off.

Two inserts, one perforated and another non-perforated tray, allows for simultaneous cooking or delayed timing. The two timing option allows two different dishes to be cooked at once. The boiling point detection is quite an extraordinary function that is not found in most other steamers available in the market. This option allows automatic detection of the local boiling point of water from the elevation of the place, where the steamer is located, from the sea level. The water drain valve function facilitates the outflow of water using a motorized water outlet function.

With all the helpful options and exquisite design, the Gaggenau VK 230 Vario in-counter steamer is a great cookware to invest upon if one appreciates the goodness of simply cooked food. Priced at $2599.00, this steamer can change one’s cooking and lifestyle to a much healthier one.

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