FTA Receiver

Many people are getting frustrated with paying cable or satellite bills every month just so they can watch their favorite programs on their television. If you are considering getting an FTA receiver so that you can take advantage of free satellite feeds in your home, you won’t be surprised about how popular they are getting these days. An FTA receiver will allow you to use your standard Dishnet or DirectTV satellite to pick up free broadcasted channel just like their receivers do. What makes this technology so popular is that you can pick up these unencrypted channels in the United States and Canada for free so you do not have the burden of paying monthly fees. FTA stands for free-to-air satellite broadcasting and the technology has been available for some time now.

If you have an FTA receiver in your home you can pick up free movies, sporting events, travel shows and various entertainments even free programs for your children to watch. In fact, you will even be able to pick up free programs that are being broadcasted from a host of different countries all around the world. The receiver will look for open channel feeds from various satellites that are being accessed in different geographical locations for you. These feeds used to be encrypted but now are being sent for free. This will not satisfy your needs to view Pay-Per-View feeds however so you may have to pay for certain channels, but not very many.

You can find an FTA receiver made by Coolsat, Viewsat, Pansat or SonicView and other brands but these four mentioned are the four main manufacturers of these receivers. Before you buy, you should make sure that the particular FTA receiver you are interested in will be compatible with your television or PC.

A Coolsat FTA receiver is simple and easy to use. Their receivers include the Coolsat 4000 Pro, Coolsat 5000 Platinum, Coolsat 6000 Premium and he Coolsat 8000Hd (high definition receiver) which is now available and costs around $400 retail.

Getting a Viewsat FTA Receiver is a popular choice because they are very easy to program. Viewsat now offers the newly released Viewsat VS2000 Platinum receiver, Viewsat VS2000 XTREME, and the Viewsat Ultra. If you are looking for a high quality and really reliable FTA receiver, Pansat is the way to go. Pansat offers the Pansat 2300a, Pansat 2500a, Pansat 2700a, Pansat 3500s, and others. They are also very easy to set up and use. CaptiveWorks is another less known brand you should take into consideration before you buy your FTA receiver. They offer the CaptiveWorks CW-600s, CaptiveWorks CW-600s Premium.

It is very easy to do your research on the internet if you are thinking of buying an FTA receiver. Ebay has a ton of them for sale as well as a lot of other websites. Do not buy one that does not have an Electronic Program Guide to go along with your FTA receiver. You’ll really regret it if you do because you will really get frustrated trying to figure out how to search for the right program you want to see.

The FTA receiver should also be able to support picture tuning, zooming and recording. You can then record television programs so you can view later. The most wanted FTA receiver feature is that of being able to view two different channels at the same time. You will want to check to make sure that the FTA receiver has an S-Video Output. Another feature to look for is if the FTA receiver will be able to do a blind search scan and be able to delete, add, move an rename different channels if you want too.

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