Front Load Washing Machine

Front load washing machines made their appearance in the world market later than the top load washers, but in most parts of the world they are the more popular ones now. They are commonly found in Laundromats. The European nations are their major users – about 90% of European households prefer the front loading machines while only 10% are in favor of the top loaders. However, in the United States, the top loading washers are still in preference, with about 65% of them preferring top loaders and only 35% going for the front loading washers.

Front loaders require the clothes to be introduced from a door that is placed at the front of the machine. This door is made of glass so that it can provide a view of the washing as it goes on. There is a cylinder placed inside, continuous with the door, which is where the clothes are to be put. When starting the front loading washer, the water level to be placed in it is set first. The clothes are then put into it. These clothes will absorb most of the water, which will cause the water level to go down. When this happens, the machine will take in more water from the source.

The rotation of the drum of the front loading washer is based on gravitational pull. A pulley wheel pulls the drum upward, which makes the clothes and the water in the drum to move down. This action keeps continuing and accelerating until the desired speed is attained.

There are some important adjustments provided to front loading washers so that they can be effectively used for the washing purposes. The glass door is one of these features. Apart from actually providing a view of the washing going on inside, the glass door will also tell if a particular piece of clothing is trapped in the door, which might cause it to be damaged when the washing process goes on. The door locks itself shut when the washing is in process; hence, it becomes impossible to add any forgotten item once the washing is in process. Also, there is a rubber gasket that fits the drum to the door. This is a very important arrangement because it prevents the water from spilling out from the drum onto the floor when it is in motion. If the water spills out, not only will it spoil the floor, but it will also cause the washing cycle to malfunction, even damaging the machine itself. Hence, worn out gaskets need to be replaced immediately.

There are many reasons why front loading washers have become more popular than top loading washers today. Because of their very nature, they take in a lesser amount of water and electricity than top loading machines. They are environment-friendlier than top loaders and in places like Europe where people are taxed for using environmental resources, this becomes an important point in the selection of the washing machine.

The second great benefit is in their arrangement. The clothes are meant to be added from the front, which keeps their top free. People can select to use this as a countertop or they can stack other appliances on it. In most places, a dryer is stacked on top of the front loading washer. In Laundromats, various front loading washers might be stacked one on top of the other too. In any case, this adds to the space utilization of the area.

Front loading washers are more expensive than top loading washers because of their particular construction and the fact that they help people to save on resources. However, for people who are used to top loading washers, it might take some time before they get adjusted to using these machines.

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    Interesting information. I’d never heard of a front loading washing machine until recently when I started shopping around for a new washer (I am a new home owner). I’ve never been to a laundry-mat place, but apparently those places are full of the front load types of washer. Anyway, I’ve been shopping around, and I think I am going to buy on of these front loading washers, even though they are a little more costly. I read this LG WM2010CW review and I think I am going to buy that one.

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