Front Load Washer

Aside from a kitchen that is filled with all kinds of important appliances, many homemakers are also yearning for another big home appliance that would make their life more easier when they are around the house. The washing machine is one of the most essential appliances that all homes must have. It would clean the clothes with an ease since doing the washing manually takes not only a lot of your time but it is labor-intensive at the same time. It would only take a couple of hours to finish all the laundry of the whole family whereas washing clothes manually would usually take a day or two before it can be finished.

Conventional washing machines have openings at the top, also known as the top-load washing machines. Today, there are now front load washers so it would be easier for you to put the clothes inside the machine. The front load washers may sometimes look very similar to the typical washing machines. However, manufacturers said that these two are different. The front load washers can work even without the use of an agitator. The agitator is the large device that is located at the center of the washing machine that would paddle the clothes and the water clockwise or counterclockwise.

The front load washers are available in the market for several years now. During the time that it is not yet popular among households, these front load washers are commonly seen in commercial laundry shops. But because manufacturers changed the design and the functionality of the front load washers, many homes today all over the world owns this appliance. It is now more affordable and smaller while it meets the demands of the homeowners.

Aside from the fact that the front load washers are convenient for domestic use, this home appliance is also eco-friendly at the same time. When in use the front load washers do not require as much water as conventional washing machines. At the same time, it can also hold bigger loads while it saves energy as well. It does not consume so much time in heating the water. Aside from that, it would only take a few hours of your time so you could finish more important chores around the house.

There are more advantages when you use the front load washer for your home. First on the list is the bigger load capacity. Next is the high-speed extraction of the appliance. As a result, the clothes will dry very fast, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption. The front load washers are also gentler on clothes compared to the top load washing machines because it does not have agitators. You would also not hear clunky sounds from the appliance as well. And with the right detergent, the front load washers can also clean better than the typical washing machines.

However, this functional washer has its limitations as well. The starting cost of the front load washer may range from $300 to $400. But considering the money that you will save in water as well as electricity cost, the price of the front load washer is worth it. This is also not advisable for those who are having a hard time to bend over. And unlike the conventional top load washers, the front load washers have limited options when it comes to the design and color of the appliance. More often than not, it is only available in white or gray. There are also some items that are not recommended to be washed individually on this type of washing machine. This includes the jeans, sweater, and towel.

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  1. Bryan says:

    I feel like there are a lot more choices in washing machines these days than there were in years past, between the cheaper top loaders, and now high efficiency top loaders, and the front loaders, there is just so much to sift through. Not only that, but now there are so many optional bells and whistles you can get too. Case in point: LG offers tons of choices of front load washers, from their entry level, WM2010CW (check out this LG WM2010CW review for more info) that can be found for $500 or so, on up to one with steam settings that costs over $1000 like the LG WM3875HWCA, choosing a washer can be a tough choice. For me, I chose to go with an entry level front loader, and one that, at the time, had the best overall reviews I could find: the LG WM2016CW, granted this was about a year ago.

  2. Joe says:

    To the previous commenter, it appears as though some of the models mentioned in your comment have since been discontinued. The LG WM2016CW hasn’t been made for a few months, and the WM2010CW has been pulled from being offered by some stores, like Home Depot. It looks like the new big thing for the low priced front loader from LG is the WM2140CW. For some more information you can check out this LG WM2140CW review.

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