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Frigidaire is an appliance company which manufactures products intended for domestic use that includes household devices such as air conditioners, cookers, dryers, freezers, microwaves and washers. The appliance industry has steadily developed into a very spirited market full of competitors, of which most are quite competent and powerful. Frigidaire appliances have to battle many rivaling brands in such a market amongst which Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag and Amana are the four main opponents. However, Frigidaire has made its mark in the marketplace and within consumers as a dominant and proficient entrant amongst all the other brands in the appliance section, particularly with its line of washers.

Frigidaire has been known to produce front load washing machines which are a popular favorite amongst domestic consumers that ranges from horizontal axis to traditional top loading vertical axis machines. By introducing this rather diverse and modern way of washing machines, Frigidaire has caused uproar in the appliance market with added efficiency and durability and has proved itself to be an experienced company that produces first-rate washers. The new front-loading horizontal axis construction has designed a new concept and distinguished Frigidaire washers as different sorts of washing machine, set apart from the conventional top-loaders that were presented on a vertical axis.

In fact, Frigidaire is intent on establishing itself in the appliance market using energy-saving and environmentally friendly ways to manufacture top-quality washers. This new sort of washer fits in both motives perfectly as this machine causes less energy consumption, conserves water better and also produces heightened washing performances then the other traditional top-loader washers available in the market by other brands. Such methods have lead Frigidaire to position itself in the forefront of consumer demand on washers as it causes environmental awareness and energy and water consumption which is why it was able to expand in the first place as it aims to produce such energy-efficient washing machines as the front-loading device. Frigidaire’s new addition keeps competition going and strong which further opens up room for more motivation and improvement in their washers. Competition has arrived in the form of Amana improvising with Frigidaire’s popular front-loading washers and producing their own versions of horizontal axis machines. Whirlpool has claimed to come up with a supposed to be “neither traditional vertical nor horizontal axis” and GE has announced its original release of a new and upgraded version of the traditional top loading vertical axis machines.

The history of Frigidaire goes way back in 1913 when it first produced its refrigerator unit. A budding modernizer of the company, Alfred Mellowes caught the eye of the Guardian Frigerator Company and it decided to manufacture Mellowes’ refrigerator. Later on, General Motors analyzed the potential of this company and made a business purchase in 1918 and named it Frigidaire, which started off with a boom as efficient production facilities and techniques were introduced and applied which allowed it to contribute massively to the appliance market and be dominant in maintaining a position in such an industry for almost 90 years now. To date, Electrolux remains the owner of Frigidaire Company and since the 90 years it has been able to expand its line from refrigerator units to further home appliances such as air conditioners, cookers, dryers, freezers, microwaves, washers and dishwashers, distributing them in 20 countries.

The Frigidaire Affinity 3.5 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer is a perfect buy for consumers who are on a budget and are interested in energy efficient machines. This classic front loading washer comes in five different colors and consumers have stated that they are very happy with the product as it uses less detergent and water and regardless of that fact, clothes are even seen to come out cleaner due to the various spin cycle options and resourceful technology available within the washer.

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  1. Julia G says:

    Just rec’d the Frigidaire Affinity TODAY….would not complete a full cycle. Kept stopping at about 37 min out of 44. Tried pushing start, but would just run a little longer then stop. Calling Lowe’s now.

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