Frigidaire Air Conditioner

Life can be difficult when the weather turns hot. It makes us sweat, uncomfortable in our clothes, and makes us feel sluggish. It makes us long for cool refreshing air. And who better to provide that than Frigidaire, the creators of the first self contained room air conditioner?

Frigidaire, as the name suggests, creates cooling units and has been doing so for a very long time – since 1916, to be exact. Starting out with building ice cream refrigeration cabinets, it expanded to manufacturing home food freezers and air conditioners. Frigidaire was the first to use Freon as a refrigerant, the first to create an aluminum ice tray for the refrigerator, the first to add a separate freezer compartment to it, and in 2006 it brought to the market the first frost-free chest freezer. It is quite apparent that Cold air is something they know a great deal about. As their website says, they are “…committed to designing high-performing, time-saving, easy-to-use appliances…” and their air conditioners really are amongst the best in the market.

When choosing air conditioners, it is important to look at three attributes. The weather and normal room temperature matter when choosing the air conditioner. The first is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. This is measured in BTU per hour. Air conditioners with high BTUs have higher cooling capacity, but if the BTU is too high, the air conditioner cycles on and off too often to remove the humidity and they don’t last for long. Another thing to keep in mind is the area that has to be cooled. The greater the room, the higher the cooling capacity needed in the air conditioner. The second attribute is energy efficiency. The higher the energy efficiency rating (EER) of the air conditioner, the less energy is uses and so the lower the electricity bills. The final attribute is installation requirements. It’s no good buying an air conditioner which fits into a window if the window is too small, and vice versa.

Frigidaire has both wall mounted and window mounted air conditioners. The range offers several useful features. The Frigidaire air conditioners have antibacterial filters, which removes bacteria and other particles, thus reducing room odor. They comprise electronic controls allowing users to set the room temperature at the comfort level, while a temperature display on the air conditioner displays the temperature. There are multi step fans which can cool the room at a desired speed. The sleep mode changes the temperature by four degrees in the first one and a half hour and the returns to the pre set temperature after seven more hours. The more upscale air conditioners have remote controls which can be used to change the temperature and fan speed from a distance. The air conditioners come in various sizes for different sizes of windows, and some can hang below the window to allow more sunshine to enter the room. The prices of the individual units are around $139 for the Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini Room Air Conditioner, which is for small rooms and offices to $689 for the Frigidaire Window-Mounted Heavy Duty Room Air Conditioner for larger areas.

Frigidaire also provides Energy Star certified devices, which use less energy and allows the owner to save on utility bills. There may be rebates for people who trade in their old air conditioners for these Energy Star devices because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, depending on the state they are in, so if you want an air conditioner, now is the best time to get one – and Frigidaire one of the best companies to get it from.

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