Friedrich Air Conditioners

Friedrich was first founded in 1883 and has since become renowned for manufacturing some of the most durable air-conditioning products you are likely to find anywhere in the world. The Friedrich air conditioners are known for both their durability and reliability and are able to perform in even the toughest of conditions. In fact Friedrich air conditioners are used by many oil companies who typically rely on their units to provide a cooling effect to their short oil rigs. You will also find that many military bases and government offices around the world use Friedrich air conditioners.

Friedrich air conditioners are well-known for their stringent quality standards and the majority of the air-conditioned solutions are made with the needs of their customers in mind. There are numerous features that ensure that Friedrich is a leading manufacturer in the air-conditioning industry. One of their most popular air-conditioning units is the ductless split system. This encompasses a single outdoor unit that is able to run up to 4 independently controlled indoor units. The indoor units are typically connected via electrical and refrigerant lines through a 3 inch hole that will need to be made in your exterior wall.

The ductless splits system is known to be sleek and sophisticated. It is also highly energy efficient and extremely quiet for an air conditioner. You will note that Friedrich air conditioners are able to reach the desired temperature far faster, as well as maintaining their overall accuracy which will, of course, dramatically reduce your energy costs. You are able to easily adjust both the capacity and cooling output which also makes them extremely flexible and efficient.

One of the most popular features of Friedrich’s ductless split system air-conditioners is the ability to use zone cooling. This will allow you to either turn the air conditioning completely off in just one room or pick which specific rooms you would like to be cooled. As mentioned, one outdoor unit is able to support up to 4 individually controlled indoor units. This elaborate system will allow you to pick and choose exactly where you would like to distribute your conditioned air. This will typically use a wall mounted units as well as ducts in the ceiling.

You will also find that Friedrich air conditioners will typically have an auto swing feature. This feature has been specifically developed to ensure that air is circulated throughout an entire area. You are able to use the auto swing feature by selecting it from the unit itself or via your remote control. When you have turned on the auto swing feature the fan louvers will typically swing from side to side and will thus help to ensure that cool air is spread more evenly.

Friedrich also offer many portable air conditioners which you will find extremely flexible. The majority have easy carry handles and casters underneath which will make moving these air conditioners around your home far easier. They may also be installed extremely quickly in an emergency should any of your other cooling systems fail. You may choose to use a portable air conditioner to supplement the cooling effect, especially in areas where it may be difficult to install a full air-conditioning system. This may include your attic or basement. Friedrich’s portable air conditioners will typically use a bucket-less system. This will involve a self evaporative condensate system. This will simply remove any excess condensation via an exhaust hose.

Friedrich air conditioners are known to be made from extremely high-grade materials and components. This will ensure that your air conditioner will remain fully operational for many years to come. The majority of their models will feature very precise and programmable controls. An example of this will be their 24-hour timer which will allow you to program the exact on and off times for your air-conditioning unit. This will allow you to conserve energy and, obviously, save money. This will also allow you to either raise the temperature by a few degrees before you wake up in the morning, or lower the room temperature just before you come home from work.

Friedrich’s room air conditioners are made from heavy 20 gauge steel and the rear grille is made from aluminum. You will actually find that there is virtually no other air-conditioning manufacturer that is able to offer these types of features. The air conditioners also encompass a solid sleeve top which is able to keep out any falling debris which may eventually obstruct the fan and stop it from working. Friedrich air conditioners also have aluminum end plates which are never likely to rust. They employ a large commercial grade fan motor which is able to run at far lower temperatures than models that have smaller motors. This will protect their air conditioners against overheating and will definitely contribute to a far longer lifespan. The advanced airflow technology of Friedrich air conditioners will mean that they are also extremely quiet. They have a specific vibration isolating design which is able to fully absorb motion and sound which will then help to reduce the overall noise.

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