French Door Refrigerator

In the past, refrigerators were all pretty much the same. The main compartment had a large door that swung open for the refrigerated section. The top compartment was smaller and held frozen foods. This has been the standard refrigerator setup for years, but lately, a new type of refrigerator has become very popular: the French door refrigerator.

French door refrigerators are based on the idea of French doors: instead of one large door, there are two side by side with the handles in the middle. In some models of the French door refrigerator, one side is larger than the others, so the handles are set off-center. This larger side is the main refrigerator section, while the smaller side is the freezer section. Both have shelves in the door, drawers, and other compartments. Many allow you to arrange these shelves and such as you’d like, even taking some out if you need more space.

There are several different advantages to owning a French door refrigerator instead of a standard one. For starters, you don’t have to reach up into the freezer section. Instead, it’s more at arm’s level. You also don’t have to dig around in your freezer any more. It’s much easier to find things since you’ll have more room to arrange the items in your freezer. The customizable compartments are also very helpful in keeping those “mystery meat” packages from getting stuck in the back of the freezer. There’s nothing worse than finding meat that’s a year old in the back of your freezer, and a French door refrigerator helps to eliminate that.

Some French door refrigerators also feature a lower drawer. On these models, the two French door compartments don’t extend all the way to the floor. Instead, there’s a large drawer on the bottom. In some models, the French doors open to the same large refrigerator compartment and the drawer is the freezer section. In others, you may have one large drawer or two smaller drawers on the bottom. These models often allow you to customize the compartments—they can either be refrigerators or freezers. This is great if you suddenly need to freeze a good amount of food but don’t need the extra freezer space all the time. This can also save you purchasing a chest freezer, an unnecessary expense if you don’t need the freezer space all the time.

Many French door refrigerators are also more energy efficient than standard refrigerators. As newer models, they have been built to use less power while still refrigerating and freezing foods. French door refrigerators also come with many different conveniences. You can purchase a French door refrigerator with an in-door water and ice maker, many of which allow you to control the water’s temperature and more. Some more expensive French door refrigerators even include things like small televisions set in the door. While that might be a bit more than you need, it’s always an option.

French door refrigerators aren’t any more expensive than standard refrigerators unless you purchase the model with the TV in the door. If you’re looking for a new refrigerator, you may want to consider purchasing a French door refrigerator. The fact that you can easily rearrange the shelves and drawers in both the compartment and in the door makes it very easy to fit anything in your refrigerator. Another great option is the French door refrigerator model with the bottom drawers. The option to change these drawers to refrigerators or freezers is great if you often need more freezer space than you have. All in all, French door refrigerators are a great investment, especially if you need to purchase a new refrigerator.

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