Frameless Glass Shower Door

Shower doors typically come either framed or frameless. Framed shower doors will have aluminum framing on all sides in order to support the panels. The hinges and door handles are normally mounted on the frames. Frameless doors do not have frames and require the hinges and door handles to be mounted directly on the glass. If a frameless door has mounted side panels, the panels will need to be framed even while the door remains frameless.

Because they do not have frames, frameless shower doors are typically constructed of a much thicker and heavier glass to make them more sturdy and durable. This also gives them a much more luxurious appearance. Contrary to the opinion of many, frameless glass shower doors are not typically dangerous. They are just as safe as their framed counterparts. Even though the glass may seem fragile, because it is thicker it is much stronger and more difficult to break than traditional glass. The tempering process that is used to create glass for frameless shower doors also helps to make the glass itself more durable and sturdy. In the event the glass is broken, it typically shatters into small pieces so it proposes much less risk for injury than larger shards of regular glass.

Choosing the best frameless glass shower doors for your own bathroom will depend on a number of different factors. These doors are becoming very popular and allow you to give your bathroom a very unique and sophisticated appearance. Frameless doors provide a much more modern look than traditional framed shower doors. The first factor that will determine your own choice of a frameless door will be your budget. When you decide to replace your shower doors with a frameless door, you need to determine first just how much you can afford to spend for the renovation. Keep in mind that because they are sturdier, frameless doors are a bit more expensive than traditional framed shower doors.

You will also need to determine the finish that you want for your frameless doors. Even though these shower doors do not have frames, there will be a bit of metalwork needed for support. The handles and detailing will be constructed of some sort of metal. Brass and chrome are the most popularly chosen finishes but there are a host of other options available. You may want to choose a material that will match or complement your other fixtures in the bathroom.

You will need to determine the glass type that you prefer as well. Your choices will likely include completely clear, smoked, molded and etched, although different retailers may offer different choices. The choice of glass will depend strictly on your personal preferences but you should give some thought as to how the different glass types will complement your existing bathroom décor.

You will need to determine whether you will be able to install the shower door yourself or if you prefer to have the installation done by a professional. This will cost a bit more but many choose not to do installation themselves. If you do decide to install the shower door yourself, you will need to purchase an installation kit or choose a shower door that has the installation kit included. This will raise your price a bit as well. Frameless glass shower doors are typically very easy to install and can be done in just an hour or so depending on your skill level. Maintaining them is very easy as they are not prone to rust or corrosion. In fact, a frameless door will last years longer than one that is framed simply because you are eliminating the risk of the frame rusting. Take your time when choosing your new frameless door. Choose a style and design that works well with your existing bathroom décor and one that offers easy installation if you are planning to do the job yourself.

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  1. Drexler says:

    Frameless shower doors are the way to go. I’ve seen many “older” bathrooms update their look by simply adding a frameless shower door and it makes a world of difference. And you are right when saying frameless shower doors are not dangerous. They are very sturdy, but should be installed by trained professionals.

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