Floor Standing Speakers

The task of buying new speakers can leave many people feeling confused and out of their depth, especially when it comes to floor standing speakers. There are so many different designs and features that you would have to be an audio expert not to make a poor choice. There are plenty of inexpensive speakers available, but the majority of them are poor quality and look unattractive. However, the most expensive speakers are not always the best choice for a particular room either. Spending a bit of time doing research before choosing a pair of floor standing speakers will save you money and deliver years of listening pleasure.

Floor standing speakers are just one of several different types available. There are also smaller satellite speakers that can be mounted on a wall, and bookcase speakers that can be placed on a shelf or supported by a stand. However, only a pair of floor standing speakers can deliver the sound quality that makes a listener feel like they are inside a concert hall or movie theater. They are regarded by professionals and enthusiasts alike as an essential part of any Hi-Fi or home theater setup. While they are just the right size for a typical family room, it can be a challenge trying to fit them into a small bedroom.

By using several drivers with different sizes, floor standing speakers are able to replicate sounds better than smaller speakers that only have one or two drivers. They are also more capable of filling a large room with sound than smaller speakers, which have trouble producing a strong bass because of their small drivers. Floor standing speakers are also large and impressive and look great when placed either side of a flat screen television. While it is not always easy to find room for them, most surround sound systems used in homes can make do with just two up the front, and small satellite speakers can be used for the rest of the channels.

For all their benefits, floor standing speakers need to be chosen carefully. They can costs thousands of dollars each and the more expensive models may be no better than the cheaper ones in certain situations. The best speakers in the world will not make up for an inferior sound system or a room that has poor acoustics. Flimsy enclosures can adversely affect the sound quality, so they need to check to make sure that they are rigid enough. Another problem that buyers face is the lack of finishes available, with the standard ones being wood grain, graphite, and buffed metal. This makes it hard to find speakers that will match the interior of a room, and the choice of finish can also change the price substantially.

Even the most attractive finish will not make a speaker sound great if it does not the right set of drivers. Floor standing speakers typically have a tweeter, mid-range driver, and one or two woofers. The woofer is also known as a bass driver, and it is common to have dual woofers to produce a deeper sound. Floor standing speakers speakers should not only produce a great bass but should be able to handle the other frequencies just as well. When comparing different models, buyers should test them with a range of music to check that they have a good response, and also make sure that their amplifier has enough enough power to drive the speakers.

Floor standing speakers are usually placed on either side of a home entertainment setup. There should be a clear path from the speakers to the listener, so any furniture in the way that will reflect sound should be moved. To get the best possible stereo sound, the speakers should be placed so that they form a isosceles triangle with the listener. The quality of the audio cable is not as important as some retailers would have you believe, but it should still have a reasonable thickness, or wire gauge as it is known in the trade. The lowest wire gauge is the best one to get because the wire has the greatest thickness and the least resistance.

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