Floor Polisher

A floor polisher is a device that allows you to clean floor surfaces such as those made from tile, wood, linoleum, granite, marble and stone as well as several others. This appliance often includes polishing brushes and buffing pads as well as pads specifically made for scrubbing. There are a number of different types of floor polishers and each has its own unique advantages. The type that you need will depend on several factors including the specific material on your floor.

Floor polisher models may vary significantly on the number of brushes that are attached. Those using only two brushes will be much more lightweight and provide the best use for homes or smaller office areas. Polishers that have three brushes are more designed for larger areas such as offices and stores. Many models also include a number of different accessories such as different ranges and types of brushes for different surfaces. Some models also include different handle lengths or the ability to choose the length of the handle that you need.

A dual purpose floor polisher is a very popular model and is considered to be the most convenient type. This model combines both a floor scrubber and a polisher for a more professional result. If you have hardwood floors, linoleum or another type of flooring other than carpeting, a floor polisher can help you to maintain the life and appearance of these floors and substantially reduce the amount of time between professional cleanings. Floor polishers allow you to keep your floors looking much cleaner for a longer period of time, minimize the damage caused by moisture and dirt and help you to protect your floors against cracking and peeling on the surface.

If you are planning to purchase a floor polisher there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you should always check for a warranty when purchasing any type of product particularly those that may be considered fairly expensive. If you are planning to keep this device to protect your floors for several years, be certain that some sort of warranty is offered with your purchase. You should also note that there are many variations with regards to technical specifications on different models. Be certain that you know what size of floor polisher you need as well as the cord length, handle length, polishing width and brush speed. If you are purchasing a polisher for your home then a small model should do the job. If however you are planning to use the polisher in a more commercial sense, you may want to pay strict attention to the polishing width to ensure that you are covering enough ground on each swipe. Choosing a model that is too small will mean more time for each floor that you polish.

Also check the polisher to be certain that it is comfortable to use and maneuvers well. There are different variations in mobility as well as noise levels in both commercial and residential floor polishers. Take the time to look at a few models before you make your ultimate decision to choose the one that is most comfortable for you to use and offers the least amount of noise when in operation. Many models will fold up and take up little space when storing. If space is a concern, be certain that you check to ensure that the model you choose is a space-saving model.

The smaller and more portable models are typically the best choice for residential use. If you are purchasing a floor polisher for your home then be certain that you look at models that are designed for domestic use. These models are also the least costly. Commercial models are designed to cover larger areas and many have built-in stripping features to strip floors as well. Models that are specifically designed for use in homes typically are much more simply made and use a mild cleaner in order to lift dirt and shine the floor surface. In addition, home models are much more easily fitted into smaller areas such as those in bathrooms or smaller kitchens.

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