Floor Machine

A floor machine, or floor buffers, is designed to scrub floors easily, making the job much easier on people who have to clean floors. Floor machines are most popular among janitors, who have to clean large spaces of floors very frequently, but they can be convenient for anybody who has to clean hard floors consistently. They can both clean and polish, which makes them doubly convenient, and the speed at which their buffer rotates can make them much more effective than a mop or soap and sponge. They are not without their flaws, but they can be very convenient for a number of people.

For personal consumers, floor machines can be most convenient if you like to clean large pieces of the floor at once. Floor machines do their job quickly enough that you can clean an entire house’s worth of hard floors in under an hour. Even polishing doesn’t take much longer, as it can simply be applied right after the cleaning process. It really does take a lot of time out of the process of cleaning a floor. They also don’t require water in the same way that a mop does, and this can be very convenient for cleaning and polishing hardwood floors.

Using a floor machine is likewise very easy to adapt to. All it takes is spraying some floor cleaner on the spot you want to clean, and running the floor machine over it while it’s on. Polishing and waxing the floor work in exactly the same way. The only thing to remember when buffing a floor is to plan your route, so that you don’t step on any area of the floor after you buffer it. This might require the use of an extension cord to be used correctly in multiple rooms, but it’s not hard to do.

On the other hand, floor buffers are fairly expense for what are essentially luxury devices. Floor buffers are great for making the job quicker, but you can do the same job by rubbing a mob and cloth over the floor. With proper attention, it’s possible to do the same job just as well, without the extra expense of a floor buffer. For many people, who don’t polish their floors very often, there is literally no reason to spend the extra money on a floor machine, especially if there aren’t a lot of rooms to clean.

However, floor machines are great tools for cleaning and polishing an entire house in one, quick swoop. If you’re considering buying a floor machine, you might want to consider a few questions:

  • How often do you clean your floors?
  • How often do you polish or wax them?
  • How much do you care about your floors’ appearance?
  • Do you have to clean a lot of space and/or rooms?
  • Do you have a lot of furniture that limits the space you have to clean, or makes it inconvenient to clean with a buffer?

If you aren’t the type of person who obsesses over cleanliness, or you don’t have a lot of floor to clean, or if you just don’t care about polishing your floors, a floor machine probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re still interested, you can expect to pay $300 USD at the very least. Floor machines aren’t exceptionally complicated, but between the motor and the cleaning device, they do require a lot to build. They are almost always powered by electricity, so they aren’t too expensive to fuel. However, the rags can get dirty and tear after a while, which can be a slight expense. You might want to buy extra rags at the beginning if you’re buying the floor machine from a small business, as they can be hard to find in an exact size from a third-party vendor.

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