Flat Screen TV

TVs have come a long way since they were first invented. When you think back on the original TVs and compare them to what is available now it is almost unbelievable. From big boxes that had poor black and white reception to amazing flat screen TVs, technology’s advancements have made the TV viewing experience much more enjoyable.

The most common TVs that are purchased today are the flat screens. Flat screen TVs come in all sizes and brands. There are new TV models being made all the time, so your options seem endless when it comes time to purchase a new TV. You can now purchase CRT TVs, LCD TVs or Plasma TVs. All of these TVs have a flat screen although they all come with different features, prices and picture quality.

Depending on how large of a TV you are looking to purchase may help you decide between a CRT, LCD or Plasma TV. CRT TVs are bigger than the other two types since they still have quite a bit of depth to them. They have a flat screen but are not able to be hung on the wall like some of the other styles can. The CRT TVs are rear projection TVs and although they are not nearly as heavy or bulky as the older style TVs, they still require a television stand to sit on. They come in a variety of screen sizes and are typically lower in price then some of the LCD and Plasma TVs are.

LCD TVs are much lighter in weight and have a much clearer image than the CRT TVs. However they are not as capable of producing the same level vibrant colors compared to some of the other TVs on the market. They are more expensive than the CRT TVs but they take up a lot less space. Depending on the model of LCD TV you purchase, you may be able to hang them on the wall to avoid having to use a separate TV stand which can be very convenient for those who need more space.

Plasma TVs are the most expensive TVs that can be purchased today. They have the best picture quality of all TVs and are very light weight. They are extremely slim and look great when hung on a wall. The clarity of the images on a Plasma TV screen is amazing especially when viewed next to one of the other types of television. These TVs are great for watching High Definition Television and your favorite movies. Although they are considered the best TVs on the market you may find that a Plasma TV does not necessarily fit into your budget. The price is so high because the quality is outstanding and the life expectancy of the Plasma TV is much longer than some of the other flat screen TVs out there.

When trying to determine which flat screen TV to purchase you may become overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. You should first decide how much space you have available to place your new TV. Also deciding whether you will be placing your TV on a stand or hanging it on the wall can help you decide which style to look at. You will also want to determine how much money you would like to spend on your new flat screen TV. If you have a limited amount of money to work with then you may opt for a larger CRT or LCD screen TV or you may rather purchase a smaller Plasma TV instead. Flat screen TVs are always in demand and the quality continues to improve. You can be confident that your new flat screen TV will expand your TV viewing pleasure no matter which type you choose.

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