Flat Panel Monitor

Let me show you 2 monitors that seem identical – both are 21- inch wide, both are compatible with the latest video and graphics card, and both can handle very high resolutions. However, one of these monitors is a flat panel monitor while the other one is the usual CRT monitor – the one that looks like your TV.

Which of these 2 monitors would you buy and keep?
Almost everybody would go for the flat panel monitor if they have the budget for it. True, if we’re looking at running application and gaming, a flat-panel monitor may not look as tempting. However, a deeper look at it reveals that getting a it can make your computer experience a little bit more pleasant.

Let’s take a closer look at its advantages over its CRT or curve-screen counterpart…

An Energy Saver!
Unlike your CRT monitor, a flat panel one consumes much less power and energy. And that means you get to save and reduce your monthly electric bill just by switching to a flat panel monitor. True, it may cost way more than the traditional curve-screen monitor…but in the long run, it will save you more.

Not only does this save on your personal utility bill, it is also one way that many environmentally conscious computer users are doing their part by being more eco-friendly. This is a big factor for many with the growing awareness of global warming and climate change concerns.

Bye To Eyestrain!
If you’re someone who’s accustomed to staring and working in front of your computer for extended hours, I’m sure that after a couple of hours, you simply can’t help but look away from your PC to relax your eyes a bit. That’s the case with curve-screen or CRT monitors.

However, you won’t suffer from that dilemma with a flat panel monitor. With its anti-glare features, your eyes won’t experience as much strain as you normally would. That’s something that your eyes will appreciate and thank you for!

Greater Image Clarity
Do you love watching movies in your computer especially when coupled with a can of ice-cold Coke and hot pizza? Yeah? If so, then you really should grab a flat panel monitor! You see, with these monitors, the colors and images on your screen are more vibrant and clearer.

Vertigo, discomfort, flickers – you won’t suffer or experience any of them with a flat panel monitor!

You may not really mind the flickers you get from a CRT monitor, but why let it distract you from that absorbing and entertaining movie that you’re watching when you can omit those flickers altogether with a flat-panel monitor?

Space Saver
Are you someone who keeps a lot of important stuff or documents in your computer desk? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that, with a flat panel monitor, you get to save a lot of space. These special monitors are flat and not as bulky as their predecessors. It can fit in a smaller space…making way for more important stuff that you need to keep within an arm’s reach.

With the emphasis on downsizing in our personal spaces and the greater number of apartment dwellers today, space is often at a premium. With a flat panel monitor, you can fit your entire home computer system in a much smaller space than you can with the bulky CRT monitors.

As the popularity of flat panel monitors has grown and technology continues to develop, the prices of them have dropped considerably in the past few years. With a flat panel screen, you can buy a smaller model than your old CRT monitor but still maintain the same actual viewing space so you don’t need to overspend and still get a quality flat panel monitor.

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