Flat Panel Monitor Mounts

Flat panel monitors are all the rage these days. They are used on computers and flat screen television sets. A flat panel monitor utilizes LCD or Plasma screen technology. Everyone loves them because they are so thin and have such a small footprint. They are also very lightweight. When you have limited space a flat panel monitor is your best choice, no matter if it is for a computer or a television. Unlike a conventional CRT monitor though, a flat panel monitor mount will be needed for your flat panel monitor to keep it stationary on the wall or stand.

A flat panel monitor mount is a device that is used to hold the monitor that your TV or computer. There are different kinds of flat panel monitor mounts. They can be used to hang the monitor on a wall, ceiling or a table or desktop or stand. A wall flat panel monitor mount is great to hang a plasma or LCD TV with so that there will be a full range of mobility options while still securing the monitor to the wall or stand. The viewer will be able to tilt or swivel the monitor as they desire. When you are installing a flat panel monitor mount to hang the monitor on a wall it should be placed in an area on the wall that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the monitor. The mount should be installed in wall studs, not just the drywall. The monitor mounts need to be secured to the wall studs. When you buy a flat panel monitor mount for wall installation it will be designed so that it will fit perfectly between the studs. If you have a cinder block wall or a solid concrete wall that you want to hang the flat panel monitor on you should make sure you get the mounts that are specifically designed specifically for these types of walls.

When you want to view the monitor straight on you should install a flat mount so that it sits flat on the wall. If the monitor is to be place high on the wall you should use an angle or tilted flat panel monitor mount so you can tilt the monitor for easier viewing. You can also buy a flat panel monitor mount that allows you to change the position of the monitor whenever you want. For this option, chose and articulating flat panel monitor mount.

Sometimes people will prefer to mount their monitor on the ceiling. Most of the time this can happen when there is no wall available for it such as in front of a big window. If the flat panel is to be hung in the middle of a large room, a ceiling mount is needed as well. If for instance, if you own a business and want a TV monitor in the customer waiting area, you may choose to hang the monitor from the ceiling in the middle of the room by using a ceiling mount. If you use an extension pipe with it you can raise or lower the height of the monitor with a ceiling mount specially designed for a flat monitor.

Flat panel monitors are also placed in other locations than on the walls or ceilings. Some people prefer theirs to be on a stand or a table top. You can find a flat panel monitor for this type of installation as well. A stand mount for a flat panel monitor is your best option in this case. This type of mount will allow your monitor positioning to be flexible in its tilt options and screen angels. Of course, you would need a sturdy table top or stand to mount your flat panel monitor on as well.

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