Flash Memory Camcorder

We were first introduced the concept of flash memory by the use of “digital film” in a digital camera. These exact same memory cards that are found in digital cameras are now being used in flash memory camcorders. There are two ways in which a camcorder can record to flash memory – firstly, you may have flash memory directly built into a camcorder. The alternative way will be that the camcorder can record directly onto a removable flash memory card, such as a memory stick. You should find that camcorders that have an internal flash memory will typically also provide you with a memory card slot. This will allow you the opportunity to extend your actual recording time by additionally using the optional memory card.

The majority, if not all, camcorders will record to flash memory. Even the least expensive, pocket cameras will use flash memory. Whether you decide to purchase a middle-of-the-road standard definition camcorder or an extremely high-end, high-definition camcorder, all manufacturers will offer you flash memory camcorders. There are numerous benefits to using a flash memory camcorder and these include:

  • They are extremely light weight. You will find that flash memory is far lighter than a hard disk drive or tape and additionally it does not require any bulky apparatus to operate it. The overall result will mean that your camcorder has an extremely light weight.
  • As the flash memory is small, it will not require large components inside the camcorder in order for it to operate. You should find that flash memory camcorders are very compact and indeed portable. Most pocket camcorders will use flash memory as their storage format.
  • Flash memory does not have any moving parts. This is the complete opposite to a camcorder that relies on a hard disk drive, tape or DVD. This will, of course, mean that a flash memory camcorder will not waste as much battery life as it does not need to spin a tape or a disc mechanism. This in turn will ensure that you have far longer recording times.
  • You will find that the majority of flash memory camcorders are far better than mini DV tape and DVD disc camcorders at storing many hours of video. Although they do not have the large capacities of many hard disk drive camcorders, they are essentially far more efficient.
  • If your flash memory card is packed full of videos you do not have to worry about buying a new one. This must be one of the most annoying aspects of using tapes or DVD for your camcorder. You simply need to transfer the footage that you have taken onto your PC, external hard drive or disk. Your flash memory card is then ready to be reused.

If there is a drawback to using a flash memory camcorder it is the capacity compared to that of a hard disk drive based camcorder. The maximum storage space you can expect from a flash memory camcorder will be 64GB however camcorders that use hard disk drive may have over 200GB of storage space. Even if you were to add a high-capacity flash memory card you will still not get anywhere near to the capacity of a large hard disk drive.

You will find that the majority of manufacturers are steadily moving their product lines away from the tape and DVD disc-based camcorders. There are far more camcorders with hard disk drive and flash memory that are being produced nowadays. Whereas modern technology appears to be changing on a daily basis, you can rest assured that if you do invest in a flash memory camcorder they will not become “old news” or obsolete any time soon.

Although there are many different flash memory camcorders for you to choose from one of the most popular is the Panasonic HDC-TM300K. This is an extremely light weight high-definition camcorder that offers a 12x optical zoom, a touch-screen LCD and face detection. One of its major strengths is the fact that it will appeal to both the more advanced camcorder owners and those who are just starting out. This will provide you with a maximum of 32 GB internal flash memory and will also provide optional SDHC memory cards. In order to purchase this wonderful flash memory camcorder you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of $1300-$4000.

There are numerous other makes and models of flash memory camcorders in the marketplace. However you should not believe that a high price tag will automatically mean a higher performance and vice versa. A pocket camcorder as simple as the Kodak Zi8 has many of the features of the larger and higher priced flash memory camcorders and retails for approximately $150.

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