Flail Mower

The flail mower is basically a huge lawn mower towed by a tractor. Mulcher is another commonly used name because that is exactly what it does to any vegetation it runs over. The flail mower is used by farmers and groundskeepers to clear flat areas that are overgrown or large, such as paddocks and sports fields. Unlike other lawnmowers, it has no engine to power the cutting blades and must be by powered by the tractor, either through a mechanical or hydraulic connection. The flail mower is a very expensive and potentially dangerous machine, and should only be used by an experienced operator.

The flail mower gets its name from a medieval weapon called a flail. This crude weapon consists of a large weight covered with spikes, which hangs by a long chain from a handle. The flail is not elegant like the sword or spear, and can be very dangerous to use because it has a tendency to swing back and strike the person wielding it. The flail mower is similar to the medieval flail because it has a long drum with many small attachments on it. As the drum spins, the attachments whip around and cut the vegetation into small pieces. The attachments on some models are just short lengths of chain, but other models have hinged bars with knives on the end of them.

Tidying up the backyard with a regular lawnmower is pretty hard work, but imagine having to maintain an area several times larger with one. Even a ride-no mower is no match for thick overgrowth and tall stalks. The flail mower is the only sensible choice to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. It is much wider than a regular lawnmower and covers much more area. Flail mowers are used by farmers to tear up the remnants of crops so that they can dry out in the sun. They are also used by councils to maintain sports field, road boundaries, and fire breaks.

The modern flail mower is a complex device that has many parts. The draw bar is normally attached to a tractor by a three-point hitch, and there is often a hydraulic arm to raise the flail mover off the ground. The wheels can normally be adjusted to keep the flail mower at the right height off the ground. There is also a safety shield to stop rocks and other objects from being thrown outwards. Power is provided by the tractor through a spline shaft or hydraulic hose. There is long drum under the safety shield that holds the cutting attachments. Some models also have a pickup reel and crushing roller to deal with any large stalks.

Before choosing a flail mower, it is important to consider the size and horsepower of the tractor that will tow it. A large model may be stopped by thick vegetation if the tractor is too small to power it. The shape and spacing of the flails determine how finely the vegetation is mulched. The weight and size of the flail mower are important if it needs to be moved around frequently. The price is modest compared to other farm machinery, but expect to pay well over two thousands dollars for an average model.

Safety is always important when using heavy machinery and that applies to the flail mower more than any other. Children and pets should be kept well clear at all times, even when the tractor is not moving. Many people have been killed by getting too close to the exposed power take-off shaft at the back of a tractor, and the pressure inside the hydraulic hoses is enough to cause injuries should they break. Of course, someone with no experience should not be allowed to use a flail mower, even if they know how to drive a tractor.

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