External Blu-Ray Drive

The blu-ray format was created so that people can record, rewrite and playback high-definition videos. It is also capable of story a huge amount of data on a single disc. An external blu-Ray drive is a portable type of hard disk drive that you connect to your computer, laptop or notebook by a USB cable, or other means, to play your blu-Ray DVDs. You can also back up your Blu-ray discs a lot faster when you use an external drive. An external blu-ray drive will give you enough storage space to store even an entire operating system and full length movies. You can also use an external blu-ray drive to store all of your music, save your pictures at their highest resolution.

Nowadays most people are looking for an inexpensive solution to playing their blu-Ray DVDs on their laptops or notebooks rather than buying an internal blu-ray drive for their desktops, since desk top computers are slowly going obsolete. More and more DVD movie formats are going towards blu-ray since it won the blu-ray format war over the regular DVD format. This is making the need for a blu-ray player more important than ever before but they are still very expensive. The good news is that you can buy an inexpensive external blu-ray drive as a safe solution if you do not want to be forced into buying an expensive blu-ray DVD player or internal hard drive for your desk top pc. There are several on the market now to choose from. A lot or people are now using an external blu-ray drive as a replacement option for the more expensive blu ray players. Blu-ray devices are getting more and more popular now and the prices are coming down, but buying an external blu-ray drive makes a lot of sense to a lot of people.

When shopping for your device, you should look for one that will read and write DVDs, CDs and BDs. Look for ones that have the following minimum specifications: 8X write speeds for DVD+/-R (2X for double layers), 4X DVD+/-RW recording, 5X DVD-RAM writing and 2X BD-ROM engraving. You will want it to have write speeds for CD-ROMs and CD-RWs of at least at 8X and 4X. Most reading speeds for external blu-ray drives on the market are 2X for BD-ROMs, 8X for DVD-ROM and 20X for a CD-ROM.

It is very easy to find an internal blu-ray drive for desk tops, but now you can also find an external blu-ray drive that will work on your laptop as well. You can also find them that work on both your desktop and your laptop too. For example, an ASUS SBC-4D1S-U is a combo external blu-ray drive that works on both. Like other external drives, it will connect to the USB port on any computer. It will play blu-ray DVDs and burn CDs as well and back all the data that you want.

The Nu slim external blu-ray drive that has just been released on the market is the EBC100. This external hard drive is really cool because all the power you need for it is provided for by the USB connector. There is no need to use a wall socket with it. It is fantastic for people who want a carry-on external blu-ray drive for the laptops and netbooks to take with them while traveling. It is also proving to be a nice external drive for college kids to take with them when to go away to school.

If you happen to have a MAC computer you also have the option of getting an external drive for your blu-ray discs. You can find an inexpensive external blu-ray drive for called the “Blu-ray SuperDrive” from Fastmac. It is a slot-loading drive that serves nicely as a replacement for the internal on a slot-loading Mac laptop or desktop.

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