Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan can be an important part of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. The reason for this is because the exhaust fan is designed to pull the hotter air out of the house and force it into the attic. The hot air is then released into the atmosphere through a series of gable-end vents. The act of pulling out the hotter air actually draws in cooler air and creates a type of breeze so that you can feel the air moving inside the house and this also helps to displace the feeling of being too hot within the home. Sometimes people confuse exhaust fans with attic fans, and although their purpose is similar, the attic fans are only designed to pull the hot air from the attic instead of the living area of the home.

For an exhaust fan to properly work, you need to have windows open in the house. In fact, large exhaust fans are often used as a supplement to air conditioning systems during the spring and fall months when the outside air temperature is significantly cooler. The system is a lot cheaper to use than an air conditioning unit and requires a lot less upkeep and management. While they may not seem like much to the untrained eye, exhaust fans are a good back up system to rely on during the more temperate climates and can work to lower the temperature in a home at a very fast pace.

One downside to using this large household exhaust fan is that it works primarily by pulling the outside air into the home as a cooling mechanism. This could potentially mean that the air being brought into the house is full of allergens and dust mites, which could cause problems for a lot of people. The air conditioner always relies on filtered air, so this greatly reduces any risk of pollen and dust getting into the house unnecessarily. Because of this a lot of people choose not to rely on an exhaust fan. The other reason that they don’t always work out for people is that an exhaust fan can be a lot noisier than a regular air conditioning unit; however, there are a lot of models that promise to be a lot quieter so this problem can be overcome if necessary.

Besides this whole house exhaust fan, there are also smaller exhaust fans that are intended to work specifically inside bathrooms. The bathroom is one area of the house that is under constant attack from moisture. If left unchecked, accumulated moisture in a bathroom can cause problems with peeling paint and sticky doors. If you find that you have problems in your bathroom getting the doors on the cabinets to close properly, then this could clearly indicate that you are experiencing some of the adverse affects of moisture in your bathroom. You can greatly reduce a lot of these problems simply by installing a small exhaust fan in your bathroom. This can work to greatly reduce a lot of the problems that you may be experiencing. Plus, having an exhaust fan in the bathroom can come in very handy for clearing out the steam after a long hot shower. While most people may not mind the steam build up, it can be tiresome having to wait for the mirror to dry out after someone gets through in the bathroom if more than two people have to share that living space. The exhaust fan can also help to clear out a bathroom of some stale air if need be, and that can be somewhat helpful as well.

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