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From 1909, when Fred Wardell founded this company to modern day, Eureka has been recognized as an innovative and eco-friendly trendsetter in the product market. Today, as a member of the home-care products family of Electrolux, Eureka concentrates on vacuum cleaners and many other cleaning products of the kind. The company produces and sells over 130 models of machineries under its brands. It offers a complete range of vacuum cleaners that include canisters, handhelds, uprights, sticks, steam, battery-powered cleaners, built-in home systems and home-cleaning systems. Original, replacement and spare parts are readily available for almost all of the company’s vacuum models.

Eureka Vacuum cleaners each have their own special features that showcase the innovation of its engineers. Hence each vacuum cleaner should have its own introduction:

Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac
This award-winning upright vacuum cleaner is especially designed for people suffering from allergies. Its HEPA filter and High filtration bag capture dust, pet hair and mites and helps rid of most allergy causing elements. The Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac has a 12-amphere motor that provides greater suction and consequently better performance. Its Direct Air Control Systems allows users to vacuum both carpets and hardtop surfaces. It has a 15 inch wide mouth and an alternative hose that can be stretched to five times its length. The vacuums 30 foot electric cords gives users all the maneuvering space needed.

Eureka Quick Up 71B – Hand-Held Vacuum

This hand-held vacuum is a powerful clean-up tool. This five pound cleaner is powered by two motors – one for the roller brush and one for the suction. The Quick Up has 20 foot of cord and removes the hassle of a bag with an easy-to-remove-and-clean dirt-cup. Its roller brush is designed to enable perfect cleaning over curved surfaces. It also has a stretch hose for all those hard-to-reach places. This vacuum is ideal for cleaning cars, upholstery and stairs.

Eureka Envirosteamer
The Eureka Envirosteamer is a lightweight wonder. This stick styled vacuum cleaner uses only hot water to efficiently clean and sanitize any and all hardwood flooring. This Eureka wonder is eco-friendly and uses no chemicals in cleaning. Its thick and removable pads are washable.

Eureka 972B
The Eureka 972B is a multipurpose vacuum for carpet and hard surface cleaning as well as above floor cleaning. Its 11 ampere motor and powerful suction make it an ideal cleaning monster. It has single-touch vacuuming operation controls along with a durable casing. Its size makes for expedient storage options.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670
One of Eureka’s smallest machines, the Mighty Mite 3670 is easily storable and fits into the smallest of storage spaces. This vacuum has a blower port, a power handle and handy fingertip controls. It even includes a brush for hardboard floor cleaning. Its 9 ampere motor and 20 foot power cord complete its superior cleaning ensemble.

Eureka Maxima 4700D
This vacuum is an upright model that offers greater cleaning power with less clogging. Its oversized tubes and hose, along with its extendable easy-to-reach vacuum wand were designed to capture dirt without clogging. The Eureka Maxima is lightweight and has automatic adjustment features for height differences in carpets and floors. Its solid construction allows for greater longevity and performance.

For years Eureka has provided homeowner as well as business alike with functional, efficient and serviceable products in cleaning. It products are durable, proficient and come with the unique Eureka seal of quality. Spare and replacement parts can be readily found at hardware and departmental stores, and maintenance is pretty easy and quick. Eureka guarantees quality and performance for every purpose of cleaning around the house and office.

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