Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch can connect a Local Area Network between multiple computers. It can receive data packets and inspect them and then send the data on to the relevant computer that is accessing it. Another benefit to using an Ethernet switch is that you will need less bandwidth, even while performing at high rates of speed. This can greatly increase your work productivity. An Ethernet switch can figure out the source of the information and can establish the intended destination of the data as well so it will pass it from port to port where needed. Ethernet switch technology is amazing and has come a long way in the past decade.

One Ethernet switch can do more than an Ethernet hub. That is because the switch is an intelligent device but the Ethernet hub is not. An Ethernet hub is sometimes referred to as a dumb device. It used to be that the switches were more costly than they are now but you can buy one now at a reasonable price. Industrial Ethernet switches are still costly but those used in small offices are affordable.

The LAN can be automatically divided into several segments by the Ethernet switch and the switch will act as a bridge between the segments. In fact, you can understand the use of the Ethernet switch by thinking of it as a device that will make temporary crossover cable connections between multiple computers that are in communication with each other. An Ethernet switch will not have problems of collisions because the crossover functions are done inside of the switch rather than in cables.

The Ethernet switch will enable the operations of sending and receiving in full duplex mode, which means that the data between computers can be sent and received at the same time. The switch makes a temporary crossover connection between computers and then the temporary crossover connection will be closed by the switch when it is no longer needed or all the information needed has been passed through the connection to its destination.

If you have multiple computers in your office or organization, an Ethernet switch will allow all of the users to share files and disks. You will need an Ethernet card to create your network and to connect them to the same internet service provider.

Your network will then be able to take advantage of the high-speed internet wiring and be able to share it between all of your computers and will also have the ability to share your files and information among them.

Businesses have been using Ethernet technology for a long time because it allows for linking computers, workstations of any brand and model. Ethernet is the cheapest and most popular network solution for businesses and even for home networking solutions.

Aside from your Ethernet card, you will also need crossover cables and a router that has Ethernet ports. After you have your cables connected your computers will be able to communicate with the use of the Ethernet switch.

The Ethernet switch is preferable over an Ethernet hub because it will be much more secure and since it is an intelligent device it will perform better. The Ethernet switch is able to make decisions while a hub can not. The hub would send every frame of data it receives to all ports, rather than to just the one that is requesting it. An Ethernet switch will eliminate errors that are inherent in Ethernet hubs. For example, the amount of useless traffic will be reduced and the data will be more secure since it will only go to its intended destination so fewer errors are likely.

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