Ethernet Media Converter

Along with the advancement of computers came the amazing ability to surf the internet. Internet has come such a long way and is used to find information, build websites and stay in touch with those around us. If you want to have an internet connection you have to have internet services installed in your home or office building.

The way that internet services are connected brought into your home or office building is through the use of cable cords which connect to an outdoor line. The ethernet cable is responsible for the delivery of the internet signal to your computer. Unfortunately the Ethernet cable is only capable of transmitting the internet connection as far as roughly 100 feet at a time. The way that the Ethernet cable is designed causes it to lose the signal once it gets beyond that point.

The Ethernet media converter is a piece of equipment that can be purchased in order to convert the Ethernet signal into a fiber optic digital signal so that the internet connection can be extended way beyond the 100 feet limit. Actually the fiber optic signal can travel up to several miles or more. This can really help anyone who has a really large area in which their Ethernet cord needs to reach or for an office building that needs to cover a large amount of space from the site of the connection to the computer itself. Internet providers often find that using the fiber optic cable is the only way to get the internet connection to travel the necessary distance for installation in a customer’s home.

Fiber optic digital cables are made completely different than the Ethernet cables are and therefore are equipped with the ability to carry signals much farther. The Ethernet media converter is relatively small and is only a few inches long and wide. They are a great item to have for any circumstance in which you need to connect your internet from a source that is further than 100 feet away.

The only other way of connecting to the internet without the use of cable cords and converters is through a wireless internet box. This is great for anyone who has multiple computers and only one source of internet connection coming into a home or building. Although this is a great way to expand your internet connections it is not always feasible in every situation. That is why the Ethernet media converter can be handy to have.

There are several Ethernet media converter boxes that can be purchased so choosing the one that is best for you can be a little difficult. Depending on how far you need your internet signal to travel will determine which Ethernet media converter will best suit your needs. Ethernet media converters come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They also vary in price ranging from $40 up to $3,500. For someone who is looking for a basic converter that will work in there home, a simple Ethernet converter that will transfer the signal a short range will probably work just fine.

However, for someone trying to connect internet throughout a large office building, a more advanced model may work better. If you are unsure which type would work best for you then you may want to consult a professional that is experienced in dealing with Ethernet connections. Contacting your local internet provider may be the first place to look for a recommendation. Purchasing your Ethernet converter can be as simple as shopping online. This is where you will find the biggest selection of styles and prices for Ethernet media converters.

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