Espresso Maker

Remember when there was a time when there was only one style of coffee. The good old days of the black cup of coffee are long gone. Today people are ordering Cappuccino, Frappucinos coffee and Espresso tops the list of specialty coffees. But anyone who has ever ordered these coffees before know how expensive it is. So why not purchase an espresso maker. You can find these in any retail store like Wal-Mart and Target.

What exactly is an Espresso? An espresso is the process of making a very tiny cup of coffee. But the coffee is not made with regular coffee beans; espresso is made with a stronger coffee bean. These beans have less caffeine than regular roast coffee. In addition to the bean being different, the way the coffee is grounded up also makes a difference.

If you are grinding your own beans, you have to make sure that the beans are not ground too oily or too fine. If they are not ground up just right the liquid in the beans won’t produce enough for coffee. Also, if you have had an espresso before you know the crème that is on top of the cup of coffee when you get it, well you won’t get that if the beans are not ground up properly.

You may have to practice to get it perfect but it would still be fun to try. Or you could purchase an espresso maker to do the grounding for you. These machines are designed to know exactly how to grind these special beans. Espresso beans can run a little on the pricey side, so you don’t want to waste these precious beans on learning to grind them.

Now that you have decided on purchasing an espresso maker you will want to shop smartly. Espresso makers are a bit expensive so you want to make sure that you are getting the best espresso maker in the stores. You can do some research online and see what brands are the best. Here are just a couple of the most popular stovetop espresso makers.

One of the most popular is the Moka Pot. This pot is made in Italy where the drink came from. The industry does not consider this a true espresso pot because it doesn’t have a steaming wand like the others do. This pot can hold 12 cups of espresso. This maker is only designed for espresso and not many places besides Europe use this maker. It is not your everyday espresso pot but it an authentic European pot.

Another old-fashioned espresso maker is called the Graziala Steamer. This is a heavier version of the Moka Pot. This espresso maker integrates a water tank with the coffee grounds and then uses steam to make the espresso. The aroma from this machine must be heavenly.

The more modern style Espresso makers are made from companies like Krups, Delonghi and Gaggia. The best espresso makers use steam like in Italy. There are so many Espresso Makers on the market that the one you choose should be one that you like the best. There are some makers that offer a good price for a small espresso maker and others can run a couple of hundreds of dollars.

You can shop online to see which espresso makers are the best for the price. Choose an amount that you want to spend and then use that as a guideline. Espresso Makers make great bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts and even house warming presents. Espresso is an acquired taste; you could love a great cup of coffee but not like the taste of espresso.

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