Epson Projectors

Epson is a very commonly known manufacturer of projectors as well as other electronic devices. The company produces a long line of home theater, office and classroom projectors and use LCD technology. In addition, Epson produces a number of LCD panels for different companies that are considered the competition. They provide LCD panels to Sanyo and Panasonic as well as various others. An Epson projector is likely closer to you than you realize. Many schools, theaters and other businesses use these projectors on a daily basis. They provide all in one systems such as the MovieMate series. They also provide consumer home theater projection systems which includes the projector, screen, DVD player and speakers to turn your home into a theater and experience theater like viewing of movies.

Epson has been in the projector market for many years offering business and home theater projectors. Virtually all LCD panels used in projectors today from various different manufacturers were created by Epson. They are known for their high quality and superior engineering as well as their functional and unique design. The projectors offer the sharpest imagery available on the market today. Many Epson home theater projectors such as the Home Cinema 6100 and the Pro Cinema 6500UB are considered to be the best home projectors on the market and all of the home theater projectors from Epson have won numerous awards over the years for superior quality and engineering design.

An Epson projector will not be cheap, depending on what you need. The Home Cinema Lite for instance will run around $2,500 and the Ensemble Home Cinema system can cost as much as $8,000. However, considering the quality many consumers as well as business owners feel that the cost is well worth it. Business projectors offer a number of different models and price ranges as well. Epson projectors can be purchased at a number of retailers as well as through the manufacturer. Many websites offer information on the various models as well as the specifics for each projector. You can find an Epson projector online at a variety of different sites that are authorized to sell Epson products. In addition, Epson also provides a very powerful portable projector. They offer the most powerful projector in the world that is less than four pounds in weight. Those looking to add an Epson projector theater system to their home that prefer not to shell out thousands of dollars for a deluxe system can take advantage of the MovieMate 55. This model can be purchased for less than $700 and provides excellent performance with sharp imagery and quality viewing.

If you want a home theater system then Epson is an excellent choice. You can choose a less expensive model and still offer a very impressive movie viewing to your friends and family. Those in the business world who are looking for a projector that is cost effective and highly functional will also find an Epson projector to be very beneficial. Many websites also now offer Epson replacement lamps to keep your Epson projector in good working condition. Replacement lamps are often necessary after a couple of years of continuous use and can be purchased from a number of different retailers for a fairly low cost. Whether you need to make a presentation at your company or simply want to gather the family around the television for a stunning movie display, Epson projectors deliver high quality audio and video and are specifically designed to provide you with the portability and performance that you want in a projection system. They offer projectors that provide you with superior imagery, a user friendly control panel and above all, quality viewing every time.

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