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Keep track of your appointments, count your calories, convert your currency and more with electric organizers. Really — what did people do before these things. There are appointment reminders with alerts, food lists, braingames — the list is endless. There are even features for syncing to your work e-mail if your company uses Outlook. For those who cannot afford smart phones, these electronic organizers are the next best thing. Some people have been using the device for several years, a testament to how durable they can be. If we could only get these things to do our dishes, we would be set.

Below are some of the best electronic organizers out there:

The Royal Machines DM7070R Organizer has 512 KB of memory, a backlit display, spell check, an English/Spanish translator, an address book, a schedule planner with an alarm and a feature for you to track your caloric intake, complete with food lists. This device includes a calculator, a keypad and games and weighs one pound.

The Sharp YOP20HII includes computer hookup for backup of data, a 20,000-word English/Spanish translator, a backlit display, sync up with Microsoft Outlook, a pedometer,and weighs one pound.

The Royal Machines Extreme 7 Electronic Organizer PDA includes 2 MB of memory, backlit display, address book, brain games, spellcheck, thesaurus, and English/French/Spanish translator computer connectibility.

The Palm Pilot offers 1 MB of memory, a trim design and all the trimmings you have come to expect from electronic organizers. There is a touch screen and you can write with it.

The Franklin Rolodex EZ File Organizer Pro stores more than 1,500 contacts and weighs one pound.

Be sure to ask yourself the right things before shopping for your electronic organizer. If you can, it is highly recommended that you try these things out before bringing one home. There are so many things you can pick up on that you simply can’t determine without having one in your hands. This is a device that you are going to have with you every day, so it’s important to get one that you want.

For example, do you want something really basic, or do you feel like the more whistles it has the better? If you’re the bells and whistles kind of person, does the device you have in mind give you enough options for the price the seller is asking for? Put the device in your hand and try to use it. Is it easy to use? Is it easy to hold? Where are you likely to store it and will this work? If you want something that’s lightweight and compact, be sure to make a point to find a device that meets this need.

World travelers have a whole other slew of things to consider such as currency calculations functions, foreign language translators and time zones. If you’re a business person, the appointments feature is going to mean the most to you, and if you are a student you may place a premium on the calculator and not taking functions.Be sure to shop around to get what you really want, because the same device will not work for everyone.

Find out what kind of devices you would like your organizer to connect to and make sure that you are going to have all of your connection needs met. Make sure you’re getting a carrying case or “pen” if that is important to you. For many memory size and speed will be the most important things, so be sure to have those nailed down before you make a decision.

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