Electrolux Washer

Electrolux is a Swedish company that became a brand name in 1957. It was founded under a slightly different name in 1910. It is a manufacturing company known for manufacturing high quality professional appliances. It is now the 2nd largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Electrolux sells more than 40 million products in more than 150 countries every year.

The Electrolux washer is built to be durable as well as quiet, but they can be a little more costly than other washing machine brands. However, the features on an Electrolux washer and the quality of the product make this a washing machine brand one that is worth paying more for. If you go to energystar.gov you will see that the Electolux washers have an actual capacity of 4.05 cu.ft. which makes them the largest washing machines that are sold in the United States.

There is one Electrolux washer that has the latest technology available that allows machine to be the most easiest to use on the market. The Washy Talk Electrolux washer is listed as having six kilogram capacity (4.05 cu.ft.) that saves not only water but also on the amount of laundry detergent you need to use. It has multiple wash programs, a load sensor, turbo-wash and imbalance correction. This Electrolux washer comes with an active soak cycle, delay start option and self-diagnostic technology. The Washy Talk is considered a “smart washer.” The machine actually tells you how to use it properly. The voice guidance system on the machine is remarkable and will allow you to literally give it voice commands. If all of this technology intimidates you there are other Electrolux washer models that are more basic.

The Libra is one such model. It is a top loading machine that has standard features. The Libra also holds a load of up to 6 kilograms (4.05 cu.ft.). It has an LED display so you can easily read where the wash cycle is at any given moment. You can also stop the machine and start it back up later at the exact point of the wash cycle it was previously in. These washing machines give the best washing capacities for the modern household so you can wash fewer loads on average. Washing few loads naturally means you can save more time, water and money with an Electrolux washer than you can with other smaller capacity models.

FabricGlow Electrolux washer is another smart washer. It also has the same large load capacity with an integrated fabric softening feature that keeps your clothing fabric soft. This washer also features a lint filter that traps the lint and debris from clothes as they wash. This ensures that your clothing will always come out clean and lint free. The lint feature is made from a rat mesh type of material. This machine also has a bleach as well as the fabric softener dispenser. The FabricGlow washer also features smart soak and offers quite a few fabric cycles for all of your clothes washing needs.

The Electrolux washer is one of only two brands available in the United State that has a reversible door. This feature may or may not be useful to you depending on the size of your laundry room and the location of the washing machine if it is a front loader. You can purchase an Electrolux washer from Sears, Best Buy or Lowes. They are also for sale online. Before you purchase your washer make sure you shop around and compare prices to ensure that you get the best buy. Be sure to compare the different features and load capacities as well.

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